Top 10 Christening Gift Ideas

Okay, so this is the blog of the top 15 baptismal gifts, but who really counts? The christening gifts have been divided in 3 price levels – under USD 500, USD 500-1000, above USD 1000 – over here and served on easy and orderly manner.

Christening gifts … What do you find?! It is not always easy to find the perfect christening gift, because first you have to take a position on whether it should be baby toys, soft toys, picture books, puzzles equipment, small shoes, a running bike children’s furniture, or something very personal? And so, one must consider whether it should be something which can be taken into use right away or whether it is ok with some quality toys, which perhaps can be used later-but which in turn can be used for several years?


If you are looking for inspiration for a christening gift, you can refer to here:

Christening gifts under 500 kr.


Spining top for babies

Now the brilliant tops are available with a flat bottom for the very small. Grapple top invites you to play and expansion and is also very good for training the children’s maze sense, which makes it easier to stay focused and overview – and to avoid becoming dizzy or poor fit at fast and sudden movements, as when one unfolds on the playground, run by car or fly down the circus bingo. Grapple the tip can be used for 3 months and it is a good idea to put a rug down in the grapple top before you give your baby a spin.

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Children’s Toys: The Best Tips and Information

The toys are responsible for bringing more joy to the childhood of kids from all over the world. The models are very varied and manufactured according to all ages and tastes, allowing little to enjoy in any possible situation. They are the great friends that every kid likes having him around and bring unforgettable moments not only small but also for parents, participating in this joy in everyday life of kids.

In addition to the fun part, lot toys are responsible for assisting the kids in their physical and psychological development. Toys-R-Us models with the child to learn playing while bicycles and tricycles, for example, offer the sports practice and ensure better quality of life for all the kids. After all, the health of the body and mind cannot be left out of a joke, isn’t it?

In front of a whole universe destined to small, it gets a little hard to know what is the favorite toy of every child. However, gradually, the parents are capable of perceiving preferences of their young and acquire the ideal toy. There is a world of fantasies that will cause the childhood of our children stay even more pleasant and lively, and only depends on the parents for these unforgettable moments are part of everyday life for the whole family. Also, stay tuned for the children’s day of Tricae, the perfect opportunity to find the dream toy of your child without having to spend a lot on it.

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Teaching Your Child Math at Home

“Me Too! Me, I will try too! “Do you know it?

Children naturally learn by mimicking mum and dad – it is of course not something new … but what could be much better than use this innate tendency to consciously to merge some more learning into the everyday small events?

“Homework” is 100% relevant and usable, and then it’s even proven that new knowledge hangs better fixed in memory when it is something that the kids can relate to their own lives! And it’s a fun way to do math and other school subjects.


Reminders and shopping lists

It is a good idea to write memory-and shopping lists together with the children and encourage them to get what you want to include in the list. There is a lack of bananas or chocolate? What shoes and sandals to be on holiday? Children learn to plan and even have an overview and think ahead.

It also gives the kids a good idea about the food not just magically ends up in the fridge – and that one has to be somewhat prescient when you have to leave home for extended periods of time.

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Types of Toys

DART Launcher Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt


DART Launcher Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt: This is the ideal toy for boys who love action and adventure. The little gun launches darts up to 6 metres away and will let all the boys crazy so much animation. INMETRO certified, is made with quality material and offers all the security that your little one needs. Is recommended for children over 8 years so that they play a lot in open places.


Cup Cake Chocolate Doll Baby Brink


Cup Cake Chocolate doll Baby Brink: the passion of the girls by the dolls is already old, and that’s why there are so many amazing models on the market. This is one of them that runs away from everything we’re used to, since in addition to a beautiful doll the girls will also find a Cupcake coupled in head ornament. There are several flavors and the doll even comes with a super sweet smell nice. Humm … Play was never so good doesn’t it?


Furby Doll Hot Phoenix


Furby doll Hot Phoenix: A new version of Furby is ideal for boys as for girls who love pets. According to the digo paul, the little ones can shape the personality of the doll according to the way they treat you. In addition, he has virtual interaction with the system IOS or Android and their expressions and mannerisms are unbelievable! It’s the perfect buddy for all children, which can be supplied, move your eyes and ears, dancing, snores, conversation with other Furbys and do a lot of amazing things!


Polly Pocket Polly Pink Cushion and Basic Blue Dryer Mattel


Polly Pocket Polly Pink Cushion and Basic Blue Dryer Mattel: Polly is one of the most beloved toys for kids, which in addition to having fun with the dolls can also play with the various extra gear. This template contains a doll and 4 accessories that will let the kids crazy so much animation. Small can invent many funny situations to which the game stay even more interesting!


Baby Alive Doll My Beautiful Baby


Baby Alive doll My beautiful baby: play mom and daughter is one of the things that most girls like to do. This practice will become even more fun with the Baby Alive doll that speaks more than 30 phrases and even warns you when you’re hungry. At this time, it is necessary to feed her and change her diaper, she also makes your requirements. It is the perfect prank to stimulate the imagination and creativity of children.

Different Types of Puzzles Review

The puzzle ball:

In this variant, curved plastic puzzle pieces mesh used and form as a solid sphere. Numbered on the back can the parts be sorted easily, to then to puzzle according to figures. Often used the balls later as a night light and are also available with a 3D effect.

The puzzle

The floor puzzle:

Children want to be like getting into movement. The floor puzzle combines this urge to move with the peculiarities of the Puzzelns with its large items in a playful way. The kids must think how you belong together parts and need yet to sit still. In addition, the motor skills are particularly encouraged by the big pieces of the puzzle.

3-D puzzle:

For big and small 3-D puzzles represent a particularly interesting challenge, because this is already in the direction of model construction. Cartoon characters or famous buildings such as the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben are faithfully reconstructed − just in smaller dimensions. The match game promotes the skills at the same time.

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LEGO Toy for Creative Play

The Danish company LEGO produces the world famous and popular LEGO bricks since 1949 encompassed the range first only it has expanded constantly the simple stones, until today. New extensions were added. Kits such as the castle of the Knights, the LEGO Castle or the pirate ship are great toys for small and large fans. The special thing about LEGO is that they are very stable and that all commercially available stones are combined with each other.

In addition to the classic stones and the LEGO DUPLO series are now also popular children heroes like SpongeBob, Harry Potter and many more TV stars as Lego Playsets available. This allows the fans to adjust the movies with LEGO bricks and to experience new adventures of their favorite characters. To achieve even older kids, LEGO developed technology and LEGO Bionicle. LEGO technology inspires the children with special electric motors, gears, and light elements, allowing for example to build remote-controlled cars.

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Different Types of Puzzles for Different Ages

Magnetic puzzle:

This modern type of puzzle parts not normally plugged into each other, but to the right place will remain postponed, where they then stick by magnet. An exciting variation of the classic.

Wooden puzzle:

There are already high-quality wooden puzzles for the little ones. They are made of eco-friendly natural raw materials and are suitable for children aged approximately twelve months. The sturdy puzzle pieces are painted with different, colorful motifs and defy even intense biting and sucking.

Magnetic puzzle

Push puzzle:

At this special type of wooden puzzles, small handles are attached to the wooden parts make it easier for the child to attack them and to insert in the appropriate form. This type of puzzle is suitable even for the smallest.

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Smart RC Quadrotor

Conquer the skies with your own quad rotor ready for take off! The exciting high-tech flying machines are the trend and are available in many designs to suit all tastes and price ranges to suit all budgets. Find in this buying advice, the flying machine is best suited to dominate the air space above your front yard, and what is to keep in mind when buying.

Toys for hobby pilots

With four rotors in the skies

Tiny and huge

Full control: the control

Check list for aspiring pilots

The quadrotor air reconnaissance

Flight hours and maintenance

Legal restrictions

Conclusion: quadrocopter for every budget

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Electric Vehicles for Children

electric car for kids ride on with remote control music QX7996 car baby children gift baby Christmas birthday ride on toy car EMS Free shipping electric cars for kids ride on toy car,electric ride on cars for kids

In the online shop you will find many children electric vehicles, such as small quads, tribikes, or jeeps. Depending on the model, the children electric vehicles have gear, ignition key or special whisper tires, Horn, seat belts and adjustable seats and radio with MP3 player connection, dampers, pedals, rear-view mirrors and two engines. The batteries hold up to 60 minutes and can be recharged with the included charger. Depending on the model, the maximum speed is up to 10 km/h, the maximum load capacity up to 60 kg. The vehicles can be operated easily. You brakes, for example, automatically, when the gas is released.

There are also Jumbo kids games, scooters and everything about Carrera. Now browse through the extensive range, and find the right electric vehicle for your child and make him happy!

Cheap Toy Cars for Imaginative Play

9920A Stylish Children Toy Wall Climber Infrared Control Car Vehicle Model Toy Great Birthday Gift Wall Ceiling Climbing Remote Control Car Two Mode Boy Adult Toy

Find toy cars in a wide selection. Cars that are modeled after the great originals, to going to the LEGO racers, vehicles must not even construct your child with his technical skill and created by the small Wholesaleably range. The toys range offers first remote controlled cars for children from the age of two years, as well as model cars radio remote control with numerous functions such as light, flashing light or horn.

Toy cars are decorated in bright colors and with friendly faces, made of sturdy plastic and therefore insensitive to shocks, dirt and sand for the little ones. Even cuddly plush battery-powered cars can move and sounds create a special fun for big and small car fans. Discover yourself the wide range of toy cars and also look at the toys in the area of technology for kids!