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Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey 4

According to Bridgat, Turkey is a country located in Middle East with name that begins with letter T. Turkey is geographically divided into seven regions: 1.) the hilly, steppe-like Marmara region around Istanbul; 2.) the hilly, intensely landscaped region on…
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Austria Tour Plan

Austria 2

As a country that starts with A listed on, with almost 55,000 km², Austria has the largest share of all neighboring countries in the Alps; two thirds of Austria’s land area are mountainous areas. The highest mountain in Austria…
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Ivory Coast

Free and fair elections are at the top of the Cote d’Ivoire agenda, but the election is awaiting six postponements since 2005. In March 2007, current President Laurent Gbagbo signed the Ouagadougou Agreement, which involves a division of power between…
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Sierra Leone

The trend in Sierra Leone is moving in a positive direction. In particular, progress is seen in terms of cross-political cooperation, increased capacity for institution-building and police and military reform. However, the economic situation is still difficult, and the global…
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