The 10 Most Dangerous Railway Lines in the World

  1. Die Kuranda Scenic Railway in Australien

The railway line runs through the spectacular tropical landscape of the Barron Gorge National Park, through tunnels and over bridges and abrupt gorges. Often times the train passes so close to impressive waterfalls that the spray splatters onto the train’s carriages.

  1. The Argo Gede Railway Line in Indonesia

The three hours from Jakarta to Bandung lead through green, tropical river valleys and into the steep mountains. From the Cikurutug high bridge the view extends far into the country and over the green fields. In 2002 there was a derailment on the line, but luckily there were no deaths.

  1. The Outeniqua Choo-Tjoe train in South Africa

A derailment occurred as soon as it opened in 1908, but the line has become significantly safer since then. The route along the cliffs on the Indian Ocean is nevertheless breathtaking, especially from the Kaimaans Bridge.

  1. The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railway in New Mexico, United States

Since 1880, the railway line has been winding its way from the starting point in Chama into the mountains, over wooden bridges and through tight curves. On the Toltec Pass, it reaches a height of 10,015 feet, a good 3,000 meters. This is the highest pass that a railway line can reach in the USA !

  1. The Tren a las Nubes in Argentina

Literally translated this means “The train to the clouds.” From Valta in northwest Argentina to La Polvorilla on the border with Chile, it goes through 21 tunnels, over 13 bridges, through switchbacks and 360 degree curves. The construction period lasted from 1921 to 1948!

  1. The railway line from Lynton to Lynmouth Cliff in England

Between the towns of Lynton and Lynmouth, the route goes through the otherwise lovely English landscape along a spectacular cliff that is over 150 meters high. The very idea that the train could derail makes the blood freeze!

  1. The White Pass and Yukon Route in Alaska

The railway line was built in 1898 during the Klondike gold rush. It goes over 20 miles along cliffs and mountains that reach an altitude of 3,000 meters. Today 450,000 people visit the impressive route every year, which is listed as the “International Landmark of Engineering”.

  1. The route from Chennai to Ramesvaram in India

To get to the island of Ramesvaran you have to take this railway line. With a length of just around two kilometers, it is extremely short, but it leads through the rocky coastal landscape and then bridges a strait with dangerous currents and strong winds.

  1. The Georgetown Loop Railroad in Colorado, United States

The railroad line was built during a Colorado silver rush in the late 19th century. It leads through untouched landscapes. The wooden 33 meter high Devil’s Gate High Bridge looks like it is about to collapse with every train. But so far everything has gone well.

The Aso Southern Route in Japan

Along the active volcano Aso on the southern island of Kyushu, the southern route is popular with tourists. The rides in November are particularly spectacular when the dry grass on the slopes of the mountain is ignited. Then there are special night trains to watch the spectacle.

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