2,000 Toys Water Removed So Far by The Directorate-General of Consumption

The arrival of the summer is very associated with the purchase of all kinds of accessories whose main theme is water, mats, floats, children’s pools, toys… in short, a lot of accessories whose purpose is the fun and safety of children in the aquatic environment.

As every year, hundreds of products are removed because they do not guarantee the safety of our children, so far, the General direction of consumption has already removed more than 2,000 aquatic toys. Almost all are flawed in their security measures, the lack of non-return valves is perhaps one of the main reasons. These valves prevent that air can exit any of the inflatables when it is removed the CAP, thus avoiding a possible accident caused by the curiosity of the small playing with the CAP.
As always, the shops where they sell such articles without guarantees, instructions and the hallmark of the European Union are called trades market, an evolutionary variant of shops “all 100”.

The withdrawal of 2,000 products shows that the controls to prevent the entry of these products into our country is not very effective. Luckily inspections if they occur in the trades and manage to avoid the sale of these dangerous supplements. If you have to buy any of the items that we have mentioned, you must make sure that it meets all safety standards which guarantee its correct functioning and health.

In regards to the safety of our children, it does not compensate for buy a cheaper item, you can jump really expensive.