A Beautiful Collection of Original Toys That Your Child Dreams of Having

Gets the time of holiday, when children are more idle and most are bored, be prepared for them a beautiful collection of original toys that your child spend hours entertaining, have fun and also learn.

I have selected a bit of everything, some of the toys are educational, others will awaken the creativity and imagination of your child and some will make you to be active and awake, running from here to there.

Recently we discovered some wonderful details to make your child’s bedroom a special place, in which they saw beautiful wooden dolls and fun crochet rag doll houses, which I recommend take it a look.

The animals of Ringo Ringo

We start with this wonderful set that contains 20 folding animals. The game contains 12 sheets of cardboard in a great colour combination, based on black, white, Orange and pink, with different prints.

With a spectacular design, and fun, your child can play with everything a zoo. Ringo Ringo produces all items with recycled cardboard, the House also has a beautiful city of cardboard with your home’s fire, police, hospital, Church,… In both cases, they are easy to assemble, sturdy and stable.

Prices are more than reasonable sets cost 17 euros, all this will have to add shipping costs. You can buy it is your own online store Papierowe Miasto, or Magnesia in Barcelona store.

Lyrics Book Library Letters of Anthropologie

It is a original parts with shape of letters hand-made with vintage books recycled hardcover. In addition to beautiful, it is a perfect object to decorate the bedroom, your child will learn playing with these parts to identify the alphabet, while in constant contact with the books. Its price is 22 Euros and you can buy it at Anthropologie.

Playshapes wood figures

Could not miss a collection wood toy, although this is especially beautiful and original, their chances of game are endless and it will give wings to your child’s imaginative and constructive ability.

It is a unique modular set of 74 wood geometric figures that you can organize or stacked to make hundreds of creations in three dimensions, like animals, people, faces, vehicles, buildings and much more.

Young children will enjoy balanced forms of head and body to do all sorts of funny creatures, the elderly may prefer to build creative structures in three dimensions from artwork supplied, giving them inspiration and confidence to then build their own creations.

Made from wood from forests of cultivation, respecting the environment. The set of pieces come in a cotton bag unbleached corded together with a manual with many ideas for possible construction. It is aimed at children from 3 years or more and has a price of 97 euros, you can buy it in the shop of Shhhop.

FlatOut Frankie, cardboard toys which fall in love

Unicorns, dinosaurs, kitchenettes, aircraft and cars… made with a cardboard box, designed with very good taste and imagination, and that is tremendously sweet kids. It’s a mark of New Zealand recycled cardboard toys designed to encourage the activity and creativity in children.

If you are looking for the brand on the internet you will find several online stores that offer their products. To give you an idea of prices, the Unicorn with stick, we see on the cover, has a price of 14.50 euros, you can buy it on Urbanbaby.

Theatre, shop, kiosk, since to serve lemonade Skylta

It is a versatile piece, both You can use it to serve ice cream or lemonade at a birthday party, to shop in grocery, as puppet theatre, is the Ikea home and best of all is its price, 9,99 EUR.

Rowen and Wren wool sheep

Could not miss a part of long hair as a This rocking chair with form of hairy sheep and resistant made in wool natural, ideal to relax and use the mind. The children they may not resist climbing on it and caress it, It will become his favorite toy part of cuddle and touch the hair, it is incredibly soft.

This wonderful piece is only a defect, its price, amounts to nothing more and nothing less than 415 euros, It is made by hand, made from wood and lanto and is of the prestigious English Rowen and Wren.

The adorable marine Rachner rag doll

Just as we started with animals, kittens, ratitas, rabbits, Lions… When I discovered the adorable dolls of Marina Rachner I fell in love with them, they are tender and sweet, perfect for role-playing and games to keep company to the children.

In addition to its special design and touch of color that makes them original and very funny they have a very affordable price, makes them custom made, and each Doll has a price of between 20 and 40 euros. You can buy it in your online store Marina Rachner, see and choose from their huge catalog on Flickr.

An alternative to the Ragdoll they are pads with forms, in this selection you will find original designs that you have never imagined, beautiful selection of cushions with fun shapes.

Just completed the list with some DIY, produces a toy made in collaboration with your child, don’t miss these beautiful ideas that I collected a few days ago, you will love: ten DIY completo do with your child to create toys or decorate your bedroom.