A Million of Toys from Fisher – Price Removed by Hazards to Children’s Health

We as parents always try to buy products and quality for our children toys, often believe that brands provide this guarantee and didn’t hesitate to pay a little more to satisfy our desire for quality and safety.

The truth is that it gives just be brand of prestige or to provide us with information about how it strives to produce, for example, quality, the end always appears the economic benefit and try to lower costs and a way to obtain this purpose is to manufacture toys in Asia, specifically in China.

Now Mattel, the company that makes the toys from Fisher-Price, just get in contact with the entire U.S. network which distributes its products to remove nearly a million toys that have been manufactured in China and which have been painted with paint that contains an excessive amount of lead, a harmful element for health. We can remember how lead can affect children’s intelligence, you can read it in the post would affect pollution to the intelligence of the children?
But returning to the subject in question, China has been news in recent weeks by all kinds of deficiencies in their products, some have involved you in the lives of people and animals, no product escapes from Chinese insecurity, this situation should alert to all countries and examine all the products that China exports carefully. We also go further vetoing any product until the country does not have agencies and facilities that adequately control the manufacture of any product, as in the European countries.

Mattel recognizes that the problem detected in routine tests of the consumer products safety Commission has alarmed him (much more alarmed parents), mostly because always has launched from the rooftops the great concern for the manufacture of toys and comprehensive controls to ensure quality toys comes from its manufacture where it comes. Well sorry to say that there is not much concern, since if so, those toys would not never come to children. The photos appearing in this post are some of the toys that have been removed, in Mattel, you can access the full list.

The toys will be removed and the amount paid, but this tremendous failure has clearly demonstrated that he can be trusted even in a so-called prestigious brand. If had not detected the high lead content in the paintings of these toys, Mattel would continue ordering the manufacture of toys in the Chinese market. There’s no evil that good doesn’t come, we hope to begin to appreciate a little less profit for the sake of the children.

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