Advertising / Tommee Tippee Windeltwister

Just in time for Oliver’s mobility, I got a request from Tommee Tippee about a product test of the Sangenic Tec diaper.

Without joke, just on the day of the request, my child started to clear his trash can in the baby room… That this was an unsightly surprise for me, I do not think I have to emphasize.
We used an ordinary trash can. He was neither smell-proof nor particularly reliable.The lid has always reappeared. So we changed the garbage bag daily. Now that Oliver was crawling through his room, something new had to be done.

We called the Sangenic Tec diaper wisteria .

We’ve been using it for 10 days now and I’m really positively surprised. The diaper twister not only prevents unpleasant smells, but also significantly reduces the number of ducts to the trash can! In addition, he is much more robust and heavier against our old trash can, so Oliver can not at least curb him.

The diaper and the used scissors are put into the dustbin and then sealed by a rotary function. Thanks to the multi-layered antibacterial film, the odors are reliably prevented and 99% of the germs are killed. By closing the diaper twister, the diaper bag is then transported downwards into the bucket.

The only drawback of the diaper wisteries compared to our old dustbin are the costs for the refill cassettes. Whereby a cassette holds nevertheless quite a long time and for us the advantages outweigh!
We have been testing the Twister for ten days and have not yet had to change the cassette!
The manufacturer writes that the diaper disposal system can accommodate up to 28 diapers. (For diaper size 1). Oliver is already wearing size 4 and we should have consumed a similar number of diapers. We use it exclusively for the big business, so we will continue to use our old trash can.

The Sangenic Tec Windeltwister, as well as the refill cartridges are available in drugstore stores (DM etc.) and online on almost all baby pages (mytoys,, babymarkt, etc.).

For us it is worth the diaper wisteria and I would like it already now, after this short test period no longer miss.