After The Kings, Toca Do Toys Order

Their Majesties of East have already fulfilled their mission this year, and surely you’ll find at home surrounded by toys that your children will no longer use. At home, past the Kings, this weekend he plays make toys order.

We will have to decide what toys are, what we give, what we donate, what not in terms of any of the above options and must throw away them or recycle them, and what by most damaged that they are, it is impossible to get rid of them.

It is an activity that we do each year at home after the holidays, and take it as something fun. The only fact of thinking in “remove” toys causes rejection, instead we try to be a form of recycling, transform, make room for play and have everything more organized.

So we get toys, puzzles, costumes, balloons, dolls, kitchenettes games, board games and other etceteras and began to make order. At home we have the maxim of which at least for every toy that comes in, one that comes, but it ends up being an accumulation of objects without sense.

First step: classification

The first part of the work consists in sorting toys in:

  • New toys: the latest that have come home by Christmas, Kings, birthday… Of course, they are. They have pass for one more year.
  • Toys for gifts: those toys that almost no longer have and believe that other children can take more than them. Recipients of toys to give away are known children (friends, cousins, siblings, etc.), that tend to be toys with some emotional meaning and usually toys that have been small.
  • Donate toys: same as above but to give to children that we do not know, provided that they are in good condition. Donating toys that our children will no longer use is a good way to teach them to help others. In almost all municipalities, as well as churches and other charities are organized periodically solidarity collections of toys.
  • Pull toys: There are toys that are unable to be gifted or donated, and it’s time to clean point so that they can be recycled. They settle into different containers depending on plastic, metal (bicycles, scooters, skates), and batteries or batteries apart.
  • Toys taken holidays: There is a last option that is put into practice in many homes that it is put in a box the toys with which children play almost no and save them. After a time they become to get in the ring and magically children return to recover the interest in them.

There is no question of making them suffer

Make order of toys does not mean arbitrarily remove toys which seems to us that they no longer use. It must be somewhat agreed, without strain or fighting style “If this puppy makes months you don’t touch it” because precisely at that moment that it has become to reunite their beloved dog who was under a pile of costumes, for example.

Therefore, it is not in children to suffer and feel that we decided on their things. The idea is to turn the activity into something positive that teach them to value their toys, to take care of them and give account that entertain themselves is not accumulating toys.

Surely, there will be lots of toys which, although long ago not to use or are not the best conditions, refuse to get rid of them. If so, they will stay one more year.

Finally, sort toys

Once we decide what toys will be staying with us one more year, We are dedicated to sort them.

We look for a suitable place. At home are three girls of different ages, therefore there are toys of 8 years, above all games with small parts that are not appropriate for the 3 years, and thus do not stop at your fingertips.

We put the dolls all together with their dresses, the games of construction in a drawer, the Playmobil in other artistic material in another, the costumes in his trunk, and so with each toys.

We also checked that the puzzles and board games have all their parts so that they are in a position when they want to use them, that the tea sets are complete, and step wash stuffed animals.

This is how we do it at home every year. Once After the Kings, toca do toys order. I hope I have given good ideas that you can put into practice and pass take advantage to do a bit of space that’s always good.