Attractions around Manila, Philippines

Volcanic island of Taal.

Taal is supposedly the smallest active volcano on the planet. A fiery mountain a little over 300 meters high is located on an island in the center of the lake of the same name, 70 kilometers south of Manila. A magnificent view of the volcano opens from the city of Tagaytay, located at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level, as well as from the Mount Sangay observation deck. Excursions to the crater and the green volcanic lake are very tempting. If you go there early in the morning, then by dinner you will already arrive back in Tagaytay. In addition to good local restaurants near the city, there is a very unusual establishment, Secret Garden, which serves freshly baked bread and delicious dishes from its own organic garden. Tagaytay Picnic Grove, located a stone’s throw from the city,

Corregidor Island.

Not white beaches and palm trees, but underground bunkers, tunnel systems and the ruins of military barracks are considered the sights of the island of Corregidor. The fortified island in Manila Bay was of strategic importance during World War II. Here, together, Filipino and American troops defended themselves from Japanese attacks. On specially marked trails, you can explore the area on foot or by renting a mountain bike. There are also small tourist buses running around the island.

Pagsanyan waterfalls.

The tropical Pagsanyan River Gorge and its waterfalls, located southwest of Manila, were made world famous by Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, whose final scenes were filmed in this scenic area. The local landscape is virgin forest, fertile gardens and turbulent springs. Canoeing up the river will be a refreshing adventure, just remember to protect your camera from the water! Once you have seen the majestic waterfall, which you can swim very close to on a raft, you will quickly set off on the way back along the rapid rapids: fun and thrills are guaranteed!

Clark Amusement Park.

The Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ), 80 kilometers north of Manila, was an American air base until 1991. Today, in its place, along with an international level industrial complex, there is a huge entertainment complex. Great hotels and golf clubs, adventure-rich Fontana and Mimosa amusement parks, casinos and numerous duty-free shops make Clark a magnet for visitors. In addition, Clark is a center for extreme and near extreme sports, such as skydiving and motorcycle tours of the area. Exciting events such as the International Aerosport Festival, kart racing and drag racing will not leave anyone in the family indifferent. Trekking tours to nearby national parks and volcanoes are also offered, for example.

Adventure Bay – Subic Bay.

Historically important Subic Bay, a charming bay 110 kilometers northwest of Manila, has long served as an American naval base. Today it offers an endless number of ways to relax and play sports. Spectacular diving expeditions to more than 20 wreck sites are perhaps the most enticing offers. Of the Morcom ships resting at the bottom, the main attraction is the 120-meter warship New York. There are many attractions on the east coast of the bay: the protected tropical rainforest Bet Kingdom, home to the largest colony of bats on the planet, Ocean Adventure Marine Park, where shows are held with whales and sea lions. There is no shortage of magnificent beaches here either: Dangari, Officers, All Hands, Miracle,


Manila has at its disposal a large international airport, Ninoy Aquino, which is included in the routes of all major airlines. Other ways to get to the island are Cebu City and Davao International Airports in Mindanao. A low-cost metrobus or shuttle bus, directly from the airport, will take you to Manila City and other cities in the metropolitan area. Another option is the Aircon taxi with a fixed rate. Jeepney will take you to the destination at the cheapest price.


Manila is located in a climate zone with pronounced periods of drought and rainy season. From June to October, it can not do without showers, while the rest of the year in the metropolis is mostly dry. The average temperature is about 27°C and fluctuates throughout the year by only 4°C.


Luxurious or affordable? Manila has accommodations for all tastes: luxury hotels, business class, apartments, guesthouses and much more.

Annual festivals

Countless celebrations and parades, displays, processions, horse races and competitions take place in Metro Manila every year. Famous, for example, is the festival of the Black Nazarene, which is held on January 9th in Manila Kuapo.

Moving around Manila

Metro Manila has an excellent public transportation system, and all local attractions can be reached quickly and comfortably. In the city itself there are jeepneys, taxis, tricycles, buses, in older areas such as Intramuros – horse-drawn carriages. Numerous enticing city tours and excursions are good for those who prefer to travel on foot.

Attractions around Manila, Philippines