Austria Tour Plan

As a country that starts with A listed on, with almost 55,000 km², Austria has the largest share of all neighboring countries in the Alps; two thirds of Austria’s land area are mountainous areas. The highest mountain in Austria is the Großglockner at 3,798 m, the largest lakes are Lake Constance in the west, which the country shares with Switzerland and Germany, and the Neusiedlersee in the east of the country, through which part of the border with Hungary runs.

Austria 1

  • Day 1: Greetings to the Limestone Alps!
  • Day 2: On the Kleine Mitterberg
  • Day 3: The Wurzeralm in winter – Teichelboden tour
  • Day 4: Kalkalpen National Park – Holzgraben, Ahornsattel
  • Day 5: Day for relaxation or exploring the area
  • Day 6: In the larch-stone pine forest
  • Day 7: Little Bosruck

Sea of ​​forest, idyllic alpine pastures and striking mountain scenery: National Park ranger Maria has been supporting our association Weltweitwandern Wirkt! For many years now, and now she guides us through her region for seven days. She takes us on the pristine snow trails of the Wurzeralm and shows us “her” national park in the Limestone Alps. Nowhere in Austria can you experience untouched mountain forest at such a low altitude and so easily accessible as here. We will witness the re-emergence of a primeval forest with high biodiversity. Together we hike over the high plateau and discover the magical larch-stone pine forest with its rustic 1,000-year-old stone pine. The fresh mountain air invites you to stop at a hut, where we warm up again with Austrian delicacies. We trudge to the Ochsenwald Chapel and a short visit to a small summit cross crowns the snowshoe hike with Maria. We enjoy the mountain panorama and the fantastic view over the Austrian Alps.

Meals: B = breakfast / L = lunch / packed lunch / D = dinner

1st day:

Greetings to the Limestone Alps!

We meet in the romantic alpine village of Spital am Phyrn. Our hosts receive us in a unique nature and mountain landscape. After we have brought our suitcases and rucksacks to the room, our guide Maria welcomes us in her home country in the evening. We are already looking forward to the other travel participants that we will get to know during the program discussion. At the dinner that follows, there will be enough time to get to know each other better and to share our experiences in the snow so far.

Overnight at the Hotel Freunde der Natur
(- / – / A)

2nd day:

On the Kleine Mitterberg

Today we start with a hearty breakfast to explore our first tour strengthened. The summit at 1,155m south of the Hengstpass offers a wonderful panoramic view of the Kalkalpen National Park and the Haller Walls. This tour is a good way to get used to walking in snowshoes. Maria shows us how to do it best and what we should pay attention to. Together we practice the technique, whereby the fun will not be neglected. A short break for the snack you have brought with you and warm tea from the thermos will restore your strength when we continue on our route through the snow. We enjoy our dinner in our accommodation.

Hike: approx. 3 hours walking time (6km, +/- 270m)
Overnight stay in the Hotel Freunde der Natur
(B / – / D)

3rd day:

The Wurzeralm in winter – Teichelbodenrunde

Today we take the funicular to the Wurzeralm. Our tour leads around the Teichelboden. Only a few meters away from the ski area we come across untouched snow on gentle slopes that are in front of the peaks of the Teichelboden. There are always new views of the magnificent mountain panorama and the highest peak in the area, the Warscheneck (2,398 m). During today’s easy snowshoe hike, we can consolidate what we have learned. At the end of the tour, you can stop off at the Linzerhaus or at the mountain station, where we can end the evening comfortably.

Hike: approx. 4 hours walking time (10km, +/- 380m)
Overnight stay at the Hotel Freunde der Natur
(B / – / D)

4th day:

Kalkalpen National Park – Holzgraben, Ahornsattel

The aim of today’s tours is to get an insight into the wilderness of the Kalkalpen National Park (1,250m). There is information about the national park and we talk about survival strategies of animals in winter nature. Perhaps we will discover one or the other exciting track or we can observe the animals in their natural environment. Those who like to take photos are cordially invited to take some in between. At the end of the tour we can stop in the small but nice Zickerreith and warm ourselves with cheese dumpling soup or tea.

Hike: approx. 5 hours walking time (9km, +/- 400m)
Overnight stay in the Hotel Freunde der Natur
(B / – / D)

5th day:

Day to relax or to explore the area

This day is free. We recommend a visit to the Kaltenbrunner Museum or Johanna Kemetmüller’s pastry shop. Both can be reached on foot. A trip to the other valley to the Schiederweiher in Hinterstoder, which was voted Austria’s most beautiful place in 2019, or a winter hike to the Polsterstüberl inn in the Polsterlucke is also very worthwhile. A cross-country ski run leads past the front door of the hotel or you can enjoy the late afternoon / evening with a torch-lit hike through the Phyrn-Priel region. (Torches are available at the hotel for a fee of around € 3.20). The evening invites you to linger in the newly built wellness area. Draw new strength in the saunas, steam bath or in the infrared cabin.

Overnight at the Hotel Freunde der Natur
(B / – / D)

6th day:

In the larch-stone pine forest

Today we take the funicular to the Wurzeralm and go to the high plateau south of the Frauenkar (towards Eisernes Bergl). There is an extensive larch-stone pine forest (1,650m) with rustic 1,000-year-old stone pines. At the beginning it goes up along the ski slopes until you have the opportunity to switch to the forest south. There are also a few steeper sections to conquer. Away from the slopes, it goes through a sparse larch forest with some spruce trees. Soon the spruce trees will be less and the first stone pines will blend in with the larches. We will discover some very impressive trees with the proud age of 1,000 years. A stop at the end of the tour at the Linzerhaus or in the mountain station is possible.

Hike: approx. 4 hours walking time (13km, +/- 500m)
Overnight stay in the Hotel Freunde der Natur
(B / – / D)

7th day:

Little Bosruck

After an extensive breakfast we explore the western foothills of the nature reserve of the Haller Walls. Fantastic views can be seen in the surrounding mountains. From the Ochsenwaldalm it goes south over the Almboden up to the Ochsenwald chapel and then a little steeper on roads through the forest to the Arlingalm. Impressed by the view of Bosruck (1,650m) and Großer Pyhrgas (2,194m), it goes to the Arlingsattel (1,425m) and now eastwards a few meters higher to a small summit cross, which marks the highest point of today’s tour. It goes back to the Arlingalm and then in a wide arc to the Bosruckhütte, which invites you to stop for a break. Our program ends at 3 p.m. and we say goodbye with a warm “Servus!”

Hike: approx. 3 hours walking time (8km, +/- 500m) End of
program: 3 p.m., then independent departure
Overnight stay at the Hotel Freunde der Natur
(B / – / -)

Austria 2