Banned The Manufacture or Sale of War Toys in Argentina

An interesting project of law aims to prohibit the manufacture, distribution or sale of the war considered toys and especially those that are replicas of firearms. In our opinion this law should be applied also in other countries, we find it enormously beneficial and avoids that children can become familiar with weapons such as common.

Violence is present in our society and in all places, we even eat TVs watching the atrocities that are broadcast on news channels, violence is assimilated as something normal and ordinary, you only need to also provide children toys that can play to kill.
The new law intends to act forcefully to punish with fines or even closure of the premises, depending on the severity (if recurrent), where he is has sold the toy gun. Violent and aggressive behavior possibly be maintained, not only are the perpetrators war toys, should be changed many aspects of our society that undermine child behaviour, although it must be said that it is a great first step made by Mrs Ana MarĂ­a Peralta in the province of Buenos Aires.

Only a small detail, a bill must be approved and ratified, an example is the draft law of the Spanish spirit that arose, finally did not materialize. The same thing can happen with this new law, everything will depend on the interests that move to prevent or to finally approve the standard.