Best Time and Climate to Travel to French Guiana

It is not that easy to travel to this fascinating, small country. From a notorious penal colony to a state-of-the-art space center, you will find many highlights here. However, you should pay attention to the optimal travel time for the South American country during your trip.

According to WEDDINGINFASHION, the small country with the tropical climate is located in South America between Suriname and Brazil. The temperatures are very similar throughout the whole and there are hardly any temperature differences to be recorded.

Best travel time

The best time to travel to French Guiana is between August / September and November . This period forms the dry season , although it still rains once in these months. The rain showers mostly occur at night or in the early morning and therefore hardly affect your stay. The sky is almost always blue and sunny, there are hardly any days with a lot of cloud cover. In addition, these months are ideal for both beach holidays and tours in the rainforest .

The rainy season in French Guiana is not really bad for a vacation, you should only be prepared for more or heavier downpours. The rain is seldom continuous and is rather short and heavy. Only in January and February is the cloudy sky a bit more cloudy than in the rest of the year. Most of the rain falls at this time and sometimes makes getting around more difficult than usual.

Climate in Cayenne

The maximum temperature in French Guiana is 32 ° C in September and October. The summer (June to September) with average 31 ° C hot . In the winter months it is around 30 ° C very warm . During the day, the average annual temperature in French Guiana is a hot 30.2 ° C. Thanks to the constantly blowing trade winds , the high temperatures are almost always bearable.

At night it gets coldest at 22 ° C. While the nights in summer are averages of pleasantly warm 22 ° C, the thermometer drops to a pleasantly warm 23 ° C at night between November and March. The temperature averages a pleasant 22.6 ° C at night all year round.

With 26 rainy days, May and June are the rainiest months of the year and the end of the rainy season . The September is the driest month of the year . From June to September French Guiana is humid with an average of around 18 rainy days, the winter (November to March) is wet with 21 rainy days. A pleasant dry phase occurs between mid-February and early March thanks to the intra-tropical convergence zone.

Best Time and Climate to Travel to French Guiana