Best Travel Time and Climate for Bermuda

Bermuda is a small island in the Atlantic Ocean and the houses are surrounded by lush greenery. Pink sand beaches and clear water attract sun worshipers and snorkelers. Various cultural influences add spice to everyday life. Bermuda can always be visited, but there are good and bad times to travel to this destination.

According to THEMAKEUPEXPLORER, Bermuda has much more to offer than shipwrecks from bygone times. The island is the perfect retreat for anyone who likes to soak up the sun on the beach, explore hidden caves, or just sit back and sip a sip of rum without looking at the world.

Best travel time

While there are many events on the island throughout the year that are worth a trip, there are a few events that bring significantly more people to Bermuda than usual. In March, famous actors and filmmakers come together on the island to do the Celebrating Bermuda International Film Festival.

Bermuda International Invitational Race Week is another exciting time when sailors from all over the world compete against each other in the water for a great spectacle for fans on land. If you want to experience the island’s culture up close, visit the capital, Hamilton, on May 24, Bermuda Day. Thousands of people gather for a lively parade, dancing, and serious island pride.

Cruise lines operate year-round trips to Bermuda, with most departing June through August. While these are typically the most expensive cruises, travelers can expect calm sailing, sunny skies, and warm water at this time of year. Off-season cruises (April-June and September-November) cost a little less. The weather in Bermuda is just as pleasant as in the main season, but the water is a little cooler. The rainy season begins in Bermuda in October . Compared to May, this month has twice as much rain as in May.

The hurricane season in Bermuda officially begins in June and lasts until November. The islands are hit by the storms much less often than the southern Caribbean islands or the US mainland. A major hurricane hits Bermuda every 6-7 years on average. Historically, hurricanes are most common in September. Homes and hotels are usually built to withstand strong winds.

Cheapest travel time

The Bermuda off-season runs from November to March . Hotel and cruise prices fall from the end of October and remain a little lower in winter as well. Accommodation in Bermuda is always expensive, even outside the main season. However, travelers who book well enough in advance can then find good deals on hotels and flights.

Look for centrally located accommodation near a bus route if you want to explore the local area. There are no car rental companies in Bermuda and taxis are expensive. Bathing on the public beaches is free at any time of the year. Remember that some hotels close for a few weeks during the low season.

Climate in Hamilton

If the weather is the most important factor in your trip, it is difficult to find the optimal travel time, as the climate is temperate and warm all year round . On hot summer days, the thermometer rises to 30 ° C. In the evenings, there is usually a pleasant light breeze to cool you down.

In summer the humidity is high , the sky is clear and the water is warm. The humidity decreases in September and October. February is the coolest month, temperatures fluctuate between 20 and 22 ° C.

The Gulf Stream flows between Bermuda and the USA and ensures a mild climate . There is no snow or cold weather and the islands are lush and green all year round. Historically, the lowest measured temperature is around 6 ° C. If the water is too cool for you to swim in winter, the daytime temperatures are ideal for hiking, playing tennis or golf.

Food and drink

For dining, we recommend small, local restaurants with typical local cuisine. You will find Portuguese and African influences in Bermuda. The cookshops and street food are also popular and delicious.

Best Travel Time and Climate for Bermuda