Children’s Room: Anti Bazaar Moms Tips

Discover the good tricks of the magicmamans to overcome the Bazaar in the children’s room!

Your child difficult to acquire the reflex “storage”. For him to put order in his Bazaar, learn the tricks of the magicmamans. Extracts of an open discussion on the forums of MagicMaman…

Children’s Room: Stop At the Bazaar With… a Nice!

Diane : I have 6 identical boxes of diapers. I removed the “lids” and I decorated: simple paint for some, serviettage for others…) : these boxes allow me to store toys by categories.

Sabine : I have “home-made” a shelf at child height, every toy in his place; otherwise trays always in shelves but only for toys lego, duplo, barbie, playmo style.
It teaches them the order unlike chests where everything is in bulk! And they rank impeccably well without putting any where. For fluff, I took a large bin washing plastic to avoid the dust!

Armelle : for toys, a crate crept under the bed for the fluff, I hung a hammock to the wall halfway up; I have a friend who tied the Lint of his daughter with clips laundry on a string it was nailed to the wall: a deco super cute!

Children’s Room: Limit the Number of Toys Or Multiply Storage?

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Berengaria, obviously very determined to finish with the Bazaar ambient of the children’s room, has opted for a radical enough solution, she explained to you: “Next Christmas, I sell half of my children’s toys in toys scholarship…” As Pauline, she mixed storage solutions “with us there is a bit of everything: boxes plastic with lid is superimposed against the wall, a big bag to tissues by child toys, so that each can slip small objects and two bags”pop-up”positioned one above the other.” Finally the big toys are slid under the bed “.”