China Wants to Clean Up The Image of Toys That Manufactures

After many scandals over products made in China, manufacturers have taken consciousness about the impact globally and dismal expectations for export, have decided to take note and start working with common sense.

About 1,000 Chinese businessmen belonging to the toy industry met at a course promoted by the Government to meet some of the basic rules that should be followed in the manufacture of toys, aspects such as the level of lead, the European certification of toys or how it should be control measures to ensure the safety and quality of toys have been subjects to be treated. China wants to clean up the image of toys factory and these are the first most successful steps that should be given.
Large exports that China might be affected seriously, although in fact have already notice the effects, many Western parents do not want to hear about Chinese toys for fear that may pose a serious risk to the health of their children. The year past China exported no less than 22,000 million toys, this figure represents 60% of the world total, we will see what this year’s figure.

While as of now China present more attention to products manufactured, you should still spend some time so that the Western parents rely on their toys.