Convention to Stop The Illegal Importation of Products from China

The EC said in a statement that more than half of the dangerous products that were discovered last year in the EU, both food and toys, come from China, for this reason, the China’s Government and the European Commission have signed two agreements to increase controls and fight against imports of Asian products that may present a danger to health.

More than one have seen as they sell toys that are lacking in safety and may cause an accident or poisoning our children, as for food, it is not so at the sight, but six cases of importation of illegal chicken products from China have been detected so far in year already.

To tackle the problem of illegal and counterfeit imports, the Commissioner of health and the Chinese Minister will collaborate with the EU maintaining increased surveillance and monitoring of the markets. The training and technical assistance, the exchange of data between the Asian and European authorities and new devices to keep track of products with risks to public health are part of a strategy which we hope will give the desired results.