Dragon Flower, Ice, Lightning and wind, the New Sapphires

Simba brings you new families of dragons sapphires so you can expand your collection. You have already told the story of how these new little dragons collectibles in the magic of Tarakona land appear. Now we meet them one by one.

Dragon Flower, Ice, Lightning and wind, the New Sapphires

One of the new protagonists of the stories that happen in the peaceful universe sapphires is the Princess Tara. She has become the inseparable pair of Draki and together they inhabit the Castle Twinklestone. These two Dragons enjoy throughout the territory of Tarakona from its Royal Palace.

This season also featured the dark Prince of night dragons, Mareon. It inhabits the dark mountains and is the culprit that disappear the sapphires gem stones . However, with the help of the Dragons of colors, you get repair your well of precious stones and order returns to reign in the land of these sympathetic characters.

And so you can make increasingly large your collection of dragons sapphires, you can now find in the surprise envelopes to all members of the four new families:

  • Dragon flower are very colorful. Green and yellow are the predominant tones, but it also has roses and oranges in its bright wings. Their names are Lilan, Lavender, Lily and Lupin.
  • The Sapphires ice are distinguished by the blue tones that look and the letter “C” in the initials of their names. As Corin, Caya, Cyrill and haze.
  • Ray dragons are pink and lilac. They are the warmest family of the new sapphires. Its members are Zirri and Zephyr, which always go hand in hand. They join Zahra and Zoran. This last comes a ray of the mouth!
  • The Sapphires wind are the flying characters in this season. Especially Bela and Berice. They love to fly hand in hand. This family of sapphires complete Bruna and Basil.

What are you waiting for grab them and expand your collection of sapphires ??