Draisienne: Our Favorites to Learn How to Ride a Bike!

Bike without pedals, the draisienne to the initiates, develops balance and motor skills. It offers also to children their first taste of independence and freedom. Our selection for safe driving. Go baby go!

The ancestor of the bike has not said its last word! Just a few years, the balance of the bike, the bike without pedals, is back. Indeed, it is one of the favorite toys of the children to gain a sense of balance. The draisienne developed also their coordination and their autonomy. A toy complete that small do not lack of demand from 2 years, or even less for the more adventurous children.

Choose what balance?

Wood, steel, aluminium,… Today, the styles of balance are not lacking. First, it is essential to offer your child a balance bike adapted to its size. The draisienne must be fitted with an adjustable saddle so that baby’s feet can touch the ground well flat, it is essential that baby finds its balance with confidence.

Full wheels are well suited for beginners. They are not likely to deflate or burst and can even make the draisienne inside the House. Inflatable wheels are ideal for use outdoors but they can deflate at any time especially if your child to the soul of a small handyman and he’s fun to touch the valves!
Adjustable, the handlebars should be equipped with handles with anti-slip rubber protections for a good grip. Some balance have a footrest. The child can then take momentum and cast off his feet to test his balance. Buying a balance bike that incorporates a braking system? It is not necessarily useful in the beginning. Indeed, beginners always slow most of the time with their feet, only more experienced children will use the brakes including downhills. There are also the evolutionary balance that turn in a small bike. Indeed, you can add the pedal in a few steps when your child finds his balance and he feels ready!

The purchase, it is good to make sure that the settings of the saddle and the handlebars are easy to achieve and that tools are provided (if they are required for Assembly and disassembly of the wheels). And especially before you buy, if you can, try several balance to your child. It is the top he finds one that suits him best. Also, remember to take into account the weight and size of the balance of the bike of your choice. You’ll understand why when you need to wear a long distance and set her up in the trunk of your car. If the helmet is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended, security question.

Find the balance of our journalist testbed in the The House of kindergarten program broadcast Friday, November 18, 2016 on France 5