Experience Report: IKEA Changing Unit SUNDVIK

We show in our experience report on the IKEA winding unit exactly whether the piece of furniture is worth its money.We will summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the IKEA changing table “SUNDVIK”.

At the price, the winding point is in the middle segment.This means that there are even more cost-effective solutions, but also much more expensive winding commodes to buy.

Review: IKEA changing unit SUNDVIK

Dimensions: 79 x 87 x 108 cm (W x D x H, fully assembled)
Drawer depth : 46 cm
Max. Load : 15 kg
Color : White (available in many others)

Shop: Buy directly from IKEA

In simple white, the IKEA winding unit SUNDVIK offers a neutral look, which fits in almost every facility.With the measures we have taken those which involve the whole structure.When you later remove the wrapping pad, height and depth and a few centimeters will be shortened.(The width is retained) This is the case at the latest when your baby approaches the load limit of 15 kilograms.Presumably, however, he or she has previously grown beyond the winding surface.

The design of this IKEA changing table is functional and not everyday.There is a free compartment underneath the wraparound pad to quickly reach for diapers, powders and moisturizers.Also books for Babymassage o.Ä..The two drawers underneath, extend over the entire width and thus offer plenty of space for utensils, which are only occasionally required.(Fresh towels, sleeping etc.)

Note : The IKEA winding unit SUNDVIK stands on relatively high legs.This is about 18 inches below the body.Underneath this, very good things can be stored.

Experiences with the IKEA winding unit

Assembly / assembly: We knew from the outset that this winding unit needs some months of work.So we had set ourselves on the screw and deliberately took time.In the end we even needed a few more minutes, because the instructions did not explain everything immediately.We had to try a little bit, until we could find the solution.We are not used to this problem by IKEA.Altogether, we needed about 70 minutes for the assembly.

Quality and function: Apart from the tricky installation, the IKEA changing table fulfills all requirements.The solid wood is robust and well-finished.Everything was delivered well packaged and had no damage.The two large drawers are easy to operate and offer a lot of storage space.The wrapping pad offers a lot of space and can be easily folded when not used.

Conclusion on the IKEA winding unit

From our own experience, we can say that the IKEA wrapping point satisfies us.Admittedly, the construction was not as simple as expected.But once it is standing, it offers enough space and is very stable as well as versatile.Therefore, we have a clear recommendation for the purchase of the IKEA winding unit.

We can evaluate the furniture quietly with a “good”.For a “very good” one would have to improve the instruction or make the construction easier.

Where can I buy the IKEA changing unit?

It is close to the IKEA wrapping point directly at the manufacturer to buy ( link to IKEA ).Did you know that IKEA also offers its products for sale on Amazon?You probably already have a customer account at the world’s largest mail order company, which means that the order can be completed faster.

Also, check out the price comparison, because Amazon regularly uses campaigns, with many dealers participating in the discounts.Last but not least, you can also read reviews from Amazon at Amazon and get a comprehensive overall impression without having the IKEA wrapping point in front of you ( link to Amazon ).

3 Alternatives to the IKEA changing table

For a comparison with other changing tables, we looked at Amazon in the price segment from 100 to 150 euros for comparable products.The following winding commodes have performed well:

Roba 1253 – Baby Wrap Combi Baby Pool

Dimensions: 100 x 56 x 83 cm (H x W x D, pulled out 98 cm wide)

128,33 EUR

Buy it at Amazon

At roba we found a combination for wrapping and bathing in a car.This is on rolls and has a kind of “base cabinet” with baby bath tub for pulling out.Underneath are two large “pockets”.These are compartments made of fabric and integrated into the wooden frame.This means that you are always flexible in the application and can save a lot of space.

Storado changing table Maximilian rosales / white

Dimensions: 97 x 92 x 71 cm (W x H x D, built as winding unit)

149,90 EUR

Buy it at Amazon

Our second alternative to the IKEA changing table comes from the manufacturer Storado.The structure is formed by two doors each with a single floor and between the doors there are three open compartments.You can either use these directly or insert suitable baskets.The plastic handles are chrome-colored.You also get more accents with the white walls of the wrapping area.Later, the support can be removed, allowing the cabinet to be used as a storage space.

LCP KIDS baby changing table princess

Dimensions: 87 x 83 x 70 cm (H x W x D, built as winding unit)

129,95 EUR

Buy it at Amazon

A dream in pink and white.Just the right thing for your little princess and that is why the brand LCP KIDS has also chosen this name for its winding wardrobe.Note, however, that the height is the least of all the compared changing tables.The IKEA changing unit offers 108 cm, while it is only 87 cm.To the right and left of the wrapping area you have space for grooming utensils.You have to love this design piece, inasmuch as you are a fan of Rosa and the “princess look”.

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