For Your Health (And Our Nerves) This Christmas Choose Toys without Noise

When looking for a gift for our kids a feature in which we do not usually repair too, and that we will surely regret a few hours of use, is the volume of toys. There are some that go beyond widely recommended, therefore for your health (and our nerves) this Christmas choose toys without noise.

We have already mentioned that the ideal Christmas gift carries off button. I’ve recommended you choose toys with off button to be able to disconnect when you want it and not become an undesirable object inside House.

Moreover, experts warn of the hearing damage that it can cause toys with excessively high volume levels.

A tolerable limit is of up to 80 decibels of volume, but it also depends on the time that the child is exposed to noise. A toy that emits 88 dB for the child may not be exposed more than 4 hours and, if they are already 91 dB, the maximum time is two hours.

Of course, most of the parents are not going with a volume meter to buy gifts, but it is true that at the store we can believe it is moderated and to get home the convict seems to have been boosted. So ye can give you an idea, a simple melodies to babies player can reach up to 100 dB if we put ourselves at the ear.

The ear has memory. By noise hearing loss is cumulative, so since they are small we have to take care of your hearing health. The child gets used to the noise and part of your life, does it then as a teenager you will hear the loud music damaging your hearing and can cause hearing damage irreversible when an adult.

What can parents do to prevent this? To begin with, for your health (and our nerves) this Christmas choose toys without noise. Controls have limiter or control of volume, from off, which can remove the battery if necessary, or as a last resort, plugging the speakers to buffer the volume.