Funky EPI, New Creation of Fisher Price

Last year we could know a toy that many children, him we talked about in the Epi what laughter, laughter therapy with the most beloved character post sesame. The doll created by Fisher Price could spread to small and older their laughter, a few simple tickling enough so that the doll is “revolcara of laughter”.

Now Fisher Price presents a very rhythmic version of the so-called snowman Funky EPI, as surprising as the first, this new version dances to the sound of music and depending on your volume dance standing or crouching. As fellow Epi what a laugh, it is suitable for children from 18 months of age.

We find that it is an interesting toy, since it promotes various aspects of development, the musical sense of rhythm and even the coordination of movements, because surely the child will try to imitate you when you dance. In terms of realism, it gives us the impression that the first was much more realistic than this new version. So you can judge yourselves, we include a video of each of them.

The dolls are very important during the first years of life to collaborate in the development of the imagination, coordination, affective ties, etc. We only hope that this doll is not manufactured in China, we already know that many toys Fisher Price has offered have been manufactured in that country, and we have already seen what has been the result.

The doll has a cost which is around 50 euros and can be found in any specialized toys.