“Games, Toys and Disability”, Guide Free on Toys for Children with Disabilities

The game is very necessary for the development of all children, including those who have visual, hearing, motor and intellectual disabilities.

But unfortunately sometimes toys are not within the reach of everyone, for not being designed properly.

For the first time, the Research Association of the industry of toy (AIJU), known as technological Institute of toy, has edited Guide “Games, toys and disability” directed to toy manufacturers, as educators and families with disabled children.

According to the guide that you can download for free, only one-fifth of the analyzed toys are suitable for children with motor disabilities, only 27% are for children with visual impairment and 69% for children with hearing impairment.

After studying it, has come to the sad conclusion that only 5% of analysed toys meet the design requirement for all, which means that they are suitable for people with three types of disability.

Also includes a section for children with intellectual disabilities.

Hope that this type of work will start to shrink the gap is that it discriminated against children with disabilities so basic in children such as toys.