Grasslands National Park

The Grasslands National Park was only founded in 1981, making it one of the younger national parks in Canada. It is located in the province of Saskatchewan. This is on the border with American State of Montana. The Grasslands National Park covers an area of ​​907 square kilometers.

The area mainly consists of a wide prairie landscape. Prairie as far as the eye can see. A first impression is created when you reach the entrance area of ​​the park. Here you get the first glimpse of how extensive this prairie landscape really is.

The area is particularly famous for its fossil dinosaur finds. In 1874 the researcher Sir George Mercer Dawson discovered fossils of prehistoric animals here. This was the first fossil dinosaur discovery in Canada.

The area is also known for its American bison. These were almost extinct and were relocated here in 2006. The population has already increased, the animals are obviously doing well on this prairie.

Glaciers and rivers formed the area 10,000 years ago. This is how the Frenchman River Valley in Grasslands National Park came into being at this time. The development of the region is not yet complete and you can see in many places that nature still rules and shapes today.

Animals in the Grasslands National Park

The area is home to a particularly large number of endangered animals. Including the endangered rabbit owls. Even the short-horned lizards, of which there are very few left, have settled here. Many other animal species that feel comfortable in prairie landscapes have settled in the Grasslands National Park. Terrestrial and herd animals in particular live here. You will find enough food through the lush grass growth.
Incidentally, the Grasslands National Park is also the first Canadian national park to protect part of the mixed prairie land. It is this special and unique mixture of flora and fauna that makes this region so worthy of protection. Especially the animals like the black-tailed prairie dog and many other rare reptiles and amphibians make the area so interesting. Most of the reptiles and amphibians have settled in the Frenchman River Valley, as this is where the best living conditions are to be found.

The history of the earth has also left some relics here. The entire area is a special treasure trove for archaeologists and geologists. Some valuable treasures are hidden here and are still waiting to be discovered.
Those who visit the national park should not miss the area’s surroundings. Wascana Lake and the town of Regina are nearby. Many birds live here and 350,000 trees have been reforested.

There are many lakes in the northern part of Saskatchewan Province. The Saskatchewan River also flows through the city of Saskatoon here. A total of seven bridges were built here, which lead over the river. This earned the city the nickname “City of Bridges”. It is also called “Paris of the Prairie” because of the extensive prairie landscape that also prevails in the Grasslands National Park and is characteristic of the entire area.

Grasslands National Park