Great Advertising of Toys That Encourage Girls to Become Engineers

A video where we can see one has become viral great advertising of toys that encourage girls to become engineers. It has been created by the brand of books and toys for girls Goldie Blox, which has been designed by an engineer decided to change the equation that almost 90% of engineers are men.

She believes that this is because toys using the basic principles of engineering construction, transmission, axles, gears, etc. are largely aimed at children, and girls quickly lose interest in them. It is considered that you necessary to give girls the tools to learn how to create and build from the perspective of the game. And Furthermore, it teaches us that it may be the most fun.

Spot entitled “Princess Machine” shows three boring girls play dolls who occurs to build a Rube Goldberg machine giant that runs throughout the House.

It seems to me the most successful advertising approach, as well as the idea of creating a specific toy to encourage girls to be engineers. It is out of the topic that only girls spend it well playing dolls. The key is to give them access to different tools to encourage other types of intelligence and promote equality since they are small through toys.