How Babies Can Make the Most of the Toys in the Playground

Maybe when you’re with your baby on a playground, do not realize how much the toys of the playground, contribute greatly to the physical development of your child. In fact, especially when we are new parents, the fear that our baby be hurt is both, or let him explore to the maximum the toys of the playground.

How Babies Can Make the Most of the Toys in the Playground 1

So, let’s change this picture? First of all, two rings important:

  1. When we speak of the stimulus of a baby’s development, whenever we assume that to encourage is to give supportto your child to enhance what he naturally already want to do. So, nothing to force any kind of movement that you do not notice your baby trying by yourself.
  2. Security is good and everyone likes it. But surround your child plastic bubble, so that it does not have any scratch, it is also curtailing the ability of it to experience including the feeling of getting hurt and know how to deal with this without despair (him and her). Fall, hit, scratch is part of the discovery of life and go through it as if it is baby gives autonomy and security just because you will be there to help, when it happens. So, safety yes, but allow your child to explore their possibilities.

How Babies Can Make the Most of the Toys in the Playground 2

Incentive and freedom

Some time ago, Patricia Marino dealt with the topic of gross motor skills with babies, in this post here, that it is worth reading. In it, Pat tells us about the various experiences of the play with the babies, to encourage movement which in the future will do just that for him to fall and get hurt less. And in various places in the house.

I’m going to talk specifically of the playgrounds. What we are eventually in the building; those who are in public spaces; that we find on trips with the children. That such we begin exploring the benefits of a good climbing?

The Yukari in the photo is using a portion of the strings of one of the toys of the playground. Rising in this way, in addition to the force of the hands and legs that she exercise to climb, we can still consider the coordination of both upper, and lower. She needs to think about moving one foot at a time, coordinated with one hand at a time to continue the climb.

If in the beginning she needed the help of her mother, Tiemi, to climb, she soon realized that putting one foot and one hand after the other, would not need any more help.

The Family also understood (and here comes the work of reasoning and trial and error) that if you were to use the same side foot and hand, the movement of the climb would be more difficult, than using hands and feet and inverted. It seems simple, but until we adults sometimes in the embananamos with this coordination. Look at the success of the contract!

How Babies Can Make the Most of the Toys in the Playground 3

Experiencing the force of gravity

And what of the balance? The strings are unstable and to follow, the Family also want to exercise your swing and balance.

Well, once at the top of the toy, was down. By the rope, she still felt insecure. All right. Let’s go for another alternative. The slide.

People, and to explain to the baby that rampona that is before him needs to be escorregada, and does not “walk”?More of an exercise, this time of communication between the parents and the children. Explain that it is necessary to sit down to slip, which is necessary to a initial impulse to start down requires trust of the baby in the adult who is there with him.

Another thing, the baby will also understand in practice the two laws of physics. Both he need to control. The first is to have a force on the neck equal to the impulse of slipping, so that the head will not hit the ramp to go down. The second is the need to slow down to arrive at the end, as the moving body continues the movement if there is no friction.

The setback

In addition, it has the stimulus to the sense of space and sense, called proprioception. It is that you do not leave the baby to fall out of the ramp of the slide, for example.

After you go down sitting, the Yuyu has tested various other ways of playing. How to get down belly.

She also thought to go down from the head, but then, Tiemi, with reason, have found too dangerous for the little one!

I have not photographed, but playing on the swing is also excellent for babies. But I already talked about this also in this post here, about the benefits of swinging.

Message end

I hope that you can take advantage of this post, a little more technical, but that has the main purpose to show how rich and important to allow your child to play and explore wherever you are.

The toys of the playground can be an excellent form of adventure, discovery and stimulation for their babies. And for you not to miss any hint about the development of babies, toys and games for them, subscribe to our newsletter. It is free of charge and you will receive a weekly e-mail with the tips of the Tempojunto by age group.