In Texas, We Can Pay His Fines… in Toys!

In the United States in the State of Texas, it is possible to dispense with a fine due to a breach of the code of the road… giving a toy! This initiative of the police, proposed for three years during the holidays, allows a hospital to have many toys.

Pay his fine in toy, it is possible, at least in Texas. Indeed for the third year, the largest State in the United States reiterates its program “The Pantego Cops for Kids” which is to offer motorists guilty of a slight violation of the highway code to give a toy to avoid the contravention. All of the toys is then donated to the Cook Children’s Hospital of Texas, a facility that treats sick children. A great initiative, relayed by the Huffington Post on 12 August and which is in force for the Christmas period.

An Invitation to Give the Community

These are the Texas police services which are at the origin of this charming initiative. Eager to make it clear to the community that they are not only authority figure, the police now offer motorists during the holidays to avoid the fine by bringing back to the police station a nine and not packaged toy. Only offences not putting lives in danger are of course concerned (expired insurance, broken headlight, minor exceeding speed limit…). All toys collected is then donated to the Cook Children’s Hospital and makes the happiness of many children each year.

One in Two Gives a Toy

Thomas Griffith, Chief of Police, whose remarks were reported by the Huffington Post, is pleased with the success of this program and reports that 50% of motorists prefer to give a toy rather than pay the fine: ” most of the people are surprised and excited by our proposal. We often receive written comments from people who appreciate this initiative. Most of the drivers are so happy to not receive fine that they are very happy to be able to contribute to the community ».