Jada Toys RC Toys

Jada Logo

Jada Logo

Brand Name:

Jada Toys

Brand Facts:

Jada Toys is an American brand specializing in designing and manufacturing highly stylized toys like diecast model cars and controlled vehicles.

They are striving to create more innovative and original entertainment products to meet the requirements and expectation of customers.

Main Categories:

Action figure, die cast, dolls, model kits, radio control, toys


Time and place: 1999, US

Early products: diecast model cars and radio controlled vehicles

Founder: Jack and May Li

Jada Toys RC Toys

Headquarter Location:

938 Hatcher Ave, City of Industry, CA, US

Worldwide Locations:

US, worldwide, countryaah

Price Range:

RC toys: USD13.99-USD110.99

Official Website: