KION and Bunga, La Guardia del León Teddies with Light and Sound Functions

We are presenting our toys inspired by the series of drawings of fashion at Disney. This time you turn them to plush toys of the guard of the Leon Kion and Bunga incorporating functions of light and sound.


KION and Bunga, La Guardia del León Teddies with Light and Sound Functions

Directly coming from the pride lands to Simba, these stuffed animals of La Guardia de Leon are faithful recreations of the protagonists of the series. They are made of fleece, embossed details, such as hair or tail, and embroidery, such as eyes. They are very soft and cuddly, so kids can play with them over 3 years with total security.

These two Teddies of the guard of the lion are the same size, about 35 cm, and have the same functions. The mark of the lion’s guardhave embroidered on his left shoulder. When pressed, turns on a light and emit different sounds whenever is pressed. So, if you want to hear how to speak Kion and Bunga, simply tighten his arms through the area of the embroidered mark and hear what they have to say.

On the one hand Kion, the lion’s guard Teddy protagonist of the series, has an orange light that is turned on by pressing its brand. Whenever you do it, you can listen how laughs, roars in two different ways and says ‘hevi kabisa’ (a swahili word meaning “so strong”). Fun is guaranteed with this Teddy representing the son of Simba and Nala turned in Prince of the lands of the Kingdom and the leader of the guard of the lion. Next to him, his friends accompany it in Arabian Adventures to keep safe the herd.

One of these friends is Bunga, a foster nephew from Timon and Pumbaa honey badger. He is the Member of the bravest animals group recruited by Kion to cope with the dangers of the jungle. At Simba we also have his figure of Teddy with light and sound function. Like ginger, this plush La Guardia de Leon has brand series embroidered on his left shoulder. In this case it is blue, just like the light that illuminates when pressed. Whenever you do, Bunga will make a different sound: laughs, says “yeeeah haha”, makes noises, and says “zuka zama” (another expression swahili which also means “so strong”).

These stuffed animals of La Guardia del León joined other Simba toys related to this series as the figures jointed or scenarios for the adventures of the pride lands.

Wait no longer to meet ginger and Bunga and enjoy playing with these soft plush toys of The lion’s guard!