Lalala Toys, Beautiful Custom Dolls Hand-Woven

One of my latest hobby is crochet (or crochet), and a Variant that like me most of this art is the ability to create different figures. Therefore I can not to pass up the opportunity to share with you the creations of Lalala Toys, a few precious personalized dolls hand-woven.

Lalala Toys It is an initiative of two graphic designers who found in the handmade a whole world of possibilities. Changed computers by needles and threads to create fabrics, known as amigurumi characters.

Mariale and Jorge manufacture all kinds of woven characters, but the most interesting is that they also do portrait of a person in the form of dolls. In other words, your child may have a double in the form of amigurumi, It can become a gift of the most original. The figures incorporate all luxury of details, from sunglasses, bags, hats to pets that accompany them if this is the case.

How can do to have a woven figure of your small? Next to the order you have to send a photo along with a brief description with the color of skin, eyes hair, clothing, or any feature of the child. In 7-10 days you will receive the portrait of amigurumi at home. Its price is 60 euros more 30 euros if you want it with pet.

To my I’ve loved, do you you think?