Los Reyes Magos and Santa Claus Bring Technology to Children

This is what we can see through the website Amazon.com, in the category of best selling toys for children 2 to 4 years, they are laptops, a bike that attaches to the television, consoles, video games, phones, digital cameras… supposedly the gifts that the three kings and Santa Claus have brought many children.

Although technology has always become a part of the child population, increasingly covers more and at younger ages, which adds that technological toys are becoming more like adults.

So the editor of Toy Wishes Magazine says also, Jim Silver, grows the sale of toys that include screens, and is that they don’t stop making them, and these manufacturers are not called jugueteros, for them they work for family entertainment sector.
We all know that kids want to do what they see us do we, want to imitate us, and if MOM and dad have a camera in their hands, the small also want it, but clear, so will not break you buy you one made for his hands. And so will things, what miniatures are missing market?.

There are games and tech toys that are very educational, and excite the intellectual development, but we must not get carried away, it is necessary to clarify to the children that this kind of toys are a complement to the games that provide social relationships and physical activity.