Louloup, a Stuffed Full of Possibilities

Louloup is a plush doll and much more. It is soft and sympathetic, and comes with many accessories that children spend it very well with it and learn at the same time.

Louluop is marketed by the magic lantern and is an ideal toy for babies of different ages depending on the model. It promotes motor skills and stimulate the child’s imagination.

Several models can be found at which more charming. They present it as “a plush cuddly.” Although a little mad, and at the same time rich in fun activities to explore, play and invent stories

The model “Louloup is very hungry,” takes a fun napkin pictures to no staining, you can also use it as a tablecloth, picnic blanket or to pick up everything in a bale. Take your fork and the spoon, a rattle, a fish that Squeak and a crunchy carrot.

“The Louloup Wolf” has a pocket on the inside of her womb closed with a zipper. It has a very striking Orange tail with crunchy folio, a snout that squeak, a rattlesnake on the head and 4 legs are easy to catch. 5 Interactive toys are hidden within her womb: a sound mobile phone, a pan, the little Red Riding Hood, a pig that squeals and a hen rattle. The truth is that it seems a toy full of imaginative possibilities, to invent stories and to experiment with textures and sounds.

Other models is an interactive story crazy and full of possibilities. The adventures of the Louloup Wolverine, which is zampa everything what finds, including little Red Riding Hood, make you finish on the consultation of the Dr. cow, which takes all what it has eaten. But before going to sleep, Louloup won’t forget to brush your teeth. It has eight full pages of activities with many details to be discovered, as material for example crunch, squeaks, a thermometer, a mirror and a toothbrush.

The musical Louloup hangs and turning the little Red Riding Hood is listening to the melody of a Lullaby that will help the baby relax and sleep calmer.

All the different models of Louloup, this stuffed full of possibilities, I have encandado. My son liked this type of dolls offered by sounds, textures and the possibility of telling stories. Sure to yours also.