Martina and Ball of Cloud, Lelelerele to Mundopiruuu

I’m still Alex de Marcos (also known as Mundopiruuu) since long time ago. I think he is a person with great sensitivity and personality and that is passed in the way they draw and also your way of writing. Since that first draft of which was going to be his new book came up to his account of instagram , cloud ball, knew that this project I would like to especially. Focused on children and with these two protagonists as adorable, Martina and Bolita.

Martina and Ball of Cloud, Lelelerele to Mundopiruuu

If you have already read the first book of this great author “Suburban Hipster” know that he also suffered a harsh loss of small. Perhaps is why cloud ball is a book about loss and mourning, in which Alex, with the heart in the hand, and based on the pain and the darkness, get a book full of light, as if speaking to his “I child” full of questions and fears.

In this beautiful story Martina discovers that sometimes the sky fall white balls. What will be? Are like ice cream? And that big that looks like a rabbit and not melt? Sometimes the snow people can bring unexpected friendships… sometimes that love has to go… is not always easy… not always ready…

Alex asked me to give life in the form of dolls to the two protagonists of his book, and although that already makes enough due to lack of time I can not do this type of orders, with them I could not resist me, it was a love at first sight, well that I put hands to work. And this is the result, Martina and cloud ball transformed into doll and Teddy.

Some of you have seen parts of the process (those who follow me on instagram stories) and have found that the orders custom like this are the result of many hours of sketches, patterns, testing, materials, etc. All this together with the fact of working through the work of Alex, who I love, does that for me this project has been a challenge, really fun and motivating.

I hope you like the result

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