Mattel Returns to Remove Toys with Excess of Lead in Spain

I do not know what will end the soap opera between China and the toy industry, or if you have more guilt which manufactures hazardous toys or who sells them under its brand without having done rigorous controls.

The truth is that for the third time in little more than one month Mattel withdraws “voluntarily” a game of 850,000 toys worldwide, of whom 1.580 parts have ordered removed from sale in Spain.

In total eight models of toys containing high levels of lead: the locomotive of the truck with trailer Geotrax and seven pieces of furniture of the Barbie (not of the Barbie doll).

The affected parts of the furniture are: Kitty House Barbie cat, the Barbie dog house dog, bag play sofa and coffee table, sofa and coffee table Barbie Kitty, Kitty bath Barbie, desk and Office Chair dog, and dog, dishes, salad and potatoes for table and chairs Barbie.

If you believe that you have purchased one of these toys check reference number as indicated on the service page customer of Mattel, where to find a complete list with photos of toys to better identify them.

Putting you in touch with the attention to the consumer (900 102 390) phone number replaced you the part with a new one that you mailed.

After this setback Mattel should review its list of suppliers, and have to see if it is capable of recovering after such disrepute.

Via | The world