McDonald’s Gets Fined for Delivering Toys Not Certified

The multinational fast-food American McDonald’s, has been fined by the Argentine justice to deliver toys that are not certified in the “Happy Meal” children’s menus,.

Argentine laws establish that toys can only sell or give if they demonstrate compliance with the requirements and labelled security established by law, with a certificate of conformity mark system product. This regulation of toys, is carried out in order to protect the safety of children, to whom is, precisely, for the Happy Meal with their gift toy.
Is that some think the obesity rate that produces the type of food they offer children? If, for that we are parents, to educate them in power. If we were, we never pisarĂ­amos their establishments, but there are occasions in which it is not obliged to surrender.

But so little care them the children?. Perhaps they are your future customers, and it seems that they want to finish with them until they are independent and education on food hygiene which are receiving, not never come to their establishments.