New Dragons Sapphires to Collect

The sapphires family grows! And it does so with new characters so you can expand the collection of your favorite of Simba dragons.

New Dragons Sapphires to Collect

Draki is no longer alone and the Dragons of Earth, air, water and fire, which now have new image, joined other four new families sapphires. Do you want to know how? Here we tell you her story:

The Twinklestone Castle is inhabited by Draki and Princess Tara. This couple real care to maintain peace and harmony in the realms of the four elements sapphires.

But Tara realizes that the precious stones have disappeared. Four sapphires come in search of the thief who, this time, cannot be Draki. On his trip, Amaya, Fidusa, Nessi, and Xenia discovered other four families of sapphires: the dragon flower, ice dragons, dragons lightning and wind dragons that will help them in their purpose.

New friends discover that Mareon, the dark of the night Dragon Prince, is the thief. Your well of precious stones we have broken and need to find others, why steal them.

With the help of Tara and Draki, the sapphires are Mareon and convince him that return them their precious stones instead of repairing your well.

The little dragons get well again to shine again, causing a shower of glitter that falls on the wings of the sapphires. With your problem solved, Mareon returns all the stolen gemstones and returns to his hideout in the dark mountains.

Thanks to this adventure, sapphires of Earth, air, water and fire dragons now have its bright wings and they have met new friends, the four new families: flower, ice, lightning, and wind. You can collect them all looking for them in envelopes surprise of Simba and new sets of 4 figures with glitter. But there is one novelty more: you can have your Dragon plush sapphires!