Choose Safe Toys to for Your Godchildren

Easter is here and don’t know what to offer? We have prepared a list with 6 toys to give to godchildren who will love it. Take a peek here.

Non Toxic Finishes for Children's Toys

For this Easter, why not offer toys? Here are 6 suggestions of toys to give to godchildren that they will love.

Do not forget them to join the traditional Easter egg and make your child very happy.



This colorful set of cubes puzzle from the theme of circus animals is composed of a storage box in wood with nine cubes that give to form six different designs: a bear, a tiger, a monkey, an elephant, a lion and a sea lion.

Choose Safe Toys to for Your Godchildren

To do this, simply that his godson combine the cubes to recreate the animal. This is one of the toys to give to godchildren that can be used from 12 months and stimulates the dexterity and creativity, in addition to developing self-confidence and to encourage the coordination.


A practical and very useful activity table that contains a route to the beads, three ways to fit in, a Maze, a circuit with a crocodile, sprockets and a xylophone.

This activity table type abacus can be used from 18 months of age and encourages the awakening sensory, through the colors, shapes and sounds, practicing the manual skills, develops hand-eye coordination and visual and stimulates the imagination.

Choose Safe Toys to for Your Godchildren 2


This loving music box wood will make the delights of the smallest. With two teddy bears that dance to the sound of a sweet melody, this music box rope will not only help the baby in time to fall asleep, as it will also be a beautiful decorative element to the room of his godson.

In addition, it stimulates the development of sensory and attention, so it is an excellent choice among the toys to give to godchildren this Easter.


To encourage their godchildren to be small great cooks, this is the perfect gift: a fully equipped kitchen in wood.

With induction hobs, dishwasher, extractor hood, oven, two cabinets that open on each side, and various kitchen utensils in metal, this kitchen encourages not only creativity and sharing, as well as the imagination and the fun games.

Choose Safe Toys to for Your Godchildren 3


Perfect for making bath time much more lively, this aquatic game has a penguin, a hippo, a water slide and swing for the animals to glide, a water mill rotates, a reservoir for water, and three barriers.

Together, they will make bath time a magical time of playfulness and fun. This aquatic game can be used from 12 months and is adaptable to all the tubs.


For future riders, this scooter wood is completely adorable. A model scooter the original with a little retro flair, this scooter is ideal for developing the balance before his godson to spend for the bike.

In addition, it helps in strengthening muscle, encourages the transition to bike 2 wheels and, also, the autonomy and motricity.

Choose Safe Toys to for Your Godchildren 4

Non Toxic Toys

The older son, who turns 2 next month, have begun to take an interest in colors and counting. He likes to take his dad, a pillow and this brain teaser into play tent, where we’ll be and “count” circles and sort them by color.

My philosophy is to invest in non-toxic toys, of good quality and with a high play value. Children do not need to have a lot of toys to develop, I rather think that creativity increased when they don’t have 500 toys to choose from. A good toy, the child can enjoy for a long time and this brain teaser from Plan Toys is one such.

In the beginning, it was about to pour out the rings on the floor and try to back them on wooden pegs. The next step was to stack them after colors on each stick and now the son had been interested to learn what colors are called. Eventually, it will be used when it will count for real. Colors can be mixed and stacked horizontal or vertical, like balls or not, the child will find many variations.

I think this is a good RC car and affordable toys that the child has the joy of for a long time. The son got it in ettårspresent by his uncle and his family, but I have seen that it is in Lapland Eco Store for 139 kronor.

Choose Safe Toys to for Your Godchildren 5

The rings are made of pressed wood and sticks, rubber trees that no longer has agreed to use of rubber extraction. Paints and adhesives are free from unhealthy chemicals, more information can be found at Lapland Eco Stores website. I think we should consume less and choose high quality in what we buy. Such products can also be sold, or given away, when we have no use for them anymore.

The son, lektält, Hippie Tipi, the way has become a real favorite. Here you can read my previous post about the Nice tent in organic cotton. Please see also my post thoughts on play.