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Hippo Baby Walker Traga-Bloques

Curiously hippos carried toys remain a few Wolverines, remember a toy that is still on the market with which we enjoyed small, the Tragabolas, do you remember? four hippos eat balls nonstop and the most greedy was the winner.

Intelligent Game, Appropriate Toy

Toys are in addition to entertainment, instruments of learning for our children. For this reason, it is very important to know select appropriate toys and choose the most suitable to each stage of development, but sometimes we do not know…
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Lego Chess

As we already know and discussed in babies and more, chess is a game very suitable for children, ideal for intellectual development, exercise the memory, the concept of logic, develop reasoning, etc.. Other games and toys has no imitators and…
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My First Pony

The other day we were surprised to see a toy in El Corte Inglés, we speak of My first pony, an interactive Teddy that moves the head, ears, eyes, you can give him to eat a carrot and emits sounds…
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Toy Ads on The TV Can Cause Frustration

At this time, what more television time dealing in children’s programming schedules are the advertising of toys for children. The doll that speaks, the robot that walks, Teddy bear telling tales, Magic coach and a world of fantasy that attracts…
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Stubenwagen and Additional Bed?

Stubenwagen or couch bed, which is better suited for babies first days, weeks and months? We will light up the differences between the caravan and the bed so that you can make the right decision for your baby. The differences…
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