“Play Time”, Exhibition on Traditional Toys in Mexico

A few days ago I spoke of an interesting project showing us photographs of the favorite toys of the children in the world, and today we return to explore other cultures through games. We stop in Mexico and “Play time”, an exhibition on traditional toys of this country.

It is in the National Museum of anthropology of Mexico City where you will see, until June of this year, toys of the broad cultural melting pot from Mexico to explore different contexts. Thus we discover how to play the children Raramuri of Chihuahua, leisure activities that girls of Oaxaca perform…

Games and toys seen as a tool of knowledge of the environment and personal development, is intended to extol these traditional games that in most parts of the world have been ousted by other more modern.

You can see in the sample more than 70 toys representative forms of play in various ethnic groups of the country. Toys and wooden instruments, made with gourds, fabric… Can sure children feel tempted to try them… you can play with any of them? These are the sections of the exhibition:

  • “Roles and professions”, displaying toys for girls and boys.
  • “Natural environment”, showing the pieces created from local elements, such as the canoes from wood in Chiapas or the canes that used the children yumanos.
  • “Street, public space to learn” which reflects how the game children learn norms, values, and goals.
  • “Cosmovision and ritual”, in which are exhibited parts linked to the rituals of indigenous, such as masks and clothing that children use in these activities where they learn the roles that will play in your community in adult life.

The exhibition consists of toys of the ethnographic collection of the National Museum of anthropology and some parts of individuals, is complemented with a video and a documentation centre where visitors can find more information about.

Also, stay tuned because as a complementary activity the Museum will organize workshops in which an artisan will teach children to create wooden toys. And each child will take his toy.

The time to visit the exhibition “Play time”, about the traditional toys in Mexico, It is from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 to 19:00 hours, until the month of June. The entrance costs 57 pesos (3’5 euros) and is free for children under 13 years of age. Sunday admission is free for Mexican and foreign residents.