Prince Albert National Park

On March 24, 1927, the Prince Albert National Park area was opened to visitors. This Canadian National park belongs to the province of Sakatchewan and is located in southern Canada.
The entire area covers an area of ​​3,874 square kilometers. Of the park is exactly in the middle of the province, right next to the towns of Prince Albert and Saskatoon.

L.landscape,Animals and plants of the Prince Albert National Park The

landscape of the Prince Albert National Park has altitudes of up to 488 meters in the west and up to 724 meters in the east. The large forest areas are particularly striking here. In between there are numerous prairie areas and bodies of water. The many lakes cover a fifth of the park. 23 different fish species live in the 1,500 flowing and standing waters. Visitors are always extremely impressed when they spot one of the wild black bears that make their home here in the park. All year round, nature lovers have the opportunity to tour and explore the Prince Albert National Park.

Touristic in the national park

The Prince Albert National Park has a number of tourist facilities. Last but not least, this is due to the province of Saskatchewan, which is driving tourism in the region at full speed. In a very short time, the residents have managed to offer visitors a variety of attractive activities.
Among other things, they also work with the indigenous peoples. The natives bring their handicrafts closer to the visitors and also benefit from tourism. There are several historic parks in the immediate vicinity of Prince Albert National Park that are highly recommended.

Leisure activities

The area and its nature is particularly suitable for hiking, water sports and Suitable for cycling. But anglers especially get their money’s worth here. The large fish population is an Eldorado for fishing enthusiasts. It is said that if you wanted to fish all the lakes in the north, you would be busy for 270 years.
There are pike, pikeperch and trout in the park. In addition, many rainbow trout, brook and brown trout can be caught here.

Those who prefer to do sports on the water have come to the right place. In addition to paddling, canoeing and boating, you can also go hiking in the coastal regions. The beaches are ideal for relaxing and switching off. So not only active athletes, but also guests looking for peace and quiet come to the region. The hiking routes extend over the entire park. There is a suitable route for every hiker, because the routes have been divided into different levels of difficulty. There are suitable paths for beginners as well as for trained athletes. Some are a bit more demanding and there are considerable differences in altitude to be overcome. The most beautiful routes lead past the most scenic places and so guests and walkers experience nature and its peculiarities up close.

The visitor center in the park also offers the opportunity to find out more about the plants and animal species. Here the guests also get a few practical tips on where to find the most beautiful plateaus or beaches.

Prince Albert National Park