Radian 5 Experience Report – the Universal Child Seat of Diono

In the Radian 5 experience report, we present Diono’s universal home and show if the purchase is worthwhile.”Only the best for the little ones!” According to this motto, many parents choose the facilities for their children.While there are certain areas of daily life where there is no problem to choose the second or third best solution, only the ideal products should be purchased in the field of vehicle safety.

While a cheap backpack that does not keep what he promises is just annoying, a child’s seat, whose quality is not appropriate, can be life-threatening for the child.Some of the features of the Radian 5 advance in a short video:

Safety at Radian 5 in the first place

When selecting the appropriate child seat, therefore, neither the consideration of price, simple handling or design should be the decisive criteria for purchase.

The safety of the seat and the fitting accuracy to the needs of the child body in extreme situations are the most important characteristics of a child seat.We did not carry out an impact test for this, they should look at the leading testing organizations.We evaluate handling, design and functionality.When purchasing a new child seat, the reviews and assessments of the ADAC and Stiftung Warentest should be carefully compared beforehand in order to find the ideal child seat.

While most of the child seats on the market meet the current safety standards, there are some seats that stand out from the crowd in terms of safety.

With the Radian 5 safely from birth onwards

Special padding for babies

The first car trip makes almost every baby a few days after birth, so a child seat is one of the most important purchases for the child from the beginning.The children ‘s seats are divided into different classes, which differ according to the needs of different age groups.For babies there is a special padding which ensures that the child is comfortable and can be strapped tightly.

Babies and toddlers should be strapped against the direction of travel for as long as possible due to their compact physique so that the well-known baby cups are still very popular for this age class.Larger children often ride in their rigid, thick children’s seats and schoolchildren are happy about the new freedom of movement of their seats.

However, the new universal child seats are on the rise as they represent a long-term purchase.With their changeability and their different settings, they can be adapted to any age group.

Universalkindersitz – Forward facing and can be used as reboarder

Radian 5 directed forward

The Radian 5 from Diono is a universal child seat, which has recently been available on the German market.The Radian 5 is a class in its own right. It can be mounted against the direction of travel – as a so-called reboarder, as well as with a view to the front.

Although some seats from other brands also have this feature, only this new universal child seat from Diono can be used in both settings up to a weight of 25 kg.Thus, the seat provides maximum safety for children of all ages – as has been the case in Scandinavia for many years.

The steel frame of the Radian 5 is also an innovation in the market for child seats.The complete metal reinforcement allows the seat to be narrow, making it a good choice for families with multiple seats on the back seat.

Only a few childrens with a comparable high safety standard can be attached to the middle seat of a rear seat without all children having to suffer from space problems.

From baby to toddler to school child

The Radian 5 is a child seat which can be used for the entire useful life of a child seat.In this universal child seat, the baby feels as comfortable as the schoolchild on the way to enrollment on the way home from the hospital.This long service life makes it easier for parents to make some difficult decisions, since not every 2-3 years a new child seat has to be purchased.

Radian 5 – A faithful companion for the whole family

The Radian 5 is attached with the regular 3-point harness in the car.Isofix can not be fixed.This point of criticism, however, applies to almost every child’s seat with a reboarder option, since the isofix attachment restricts flexibility in the direction.

Since the universal child seat by Diono fits into nearly all autotypes, it is an ideal family seat.Grandparents who have a car without Isofix device can borrow the seat without any circumstances and do not need their own seat.

The Radian 5 is also a good acquisition for grandparents and friends, because children of different age groups can be transported in it without major modifications.From the smallest to the biggest grandchild, all children can be strapped with their seats.

Radian 5: Installation in the vehicle

For the installation of the Radian 5 the operating instructions should be followed. The correct installation depends on the correct installation. The manual shows step by step how the child seat is properly installed. We recommend to be a couple for the installation because some steps are easier to carry out. Push the belt through the bar

The two straps

Pull the belt out of the bar and insert it

If the Radian 5 is installed as a reboarder in the car, various extensions must be attached to the child seat.This too is explained step by step in the guide.For the child seat to be used as a reboarder, the base part must first be fastened to the floor of the child seat:

Extension for the function as a reboarder

When used as a reboarder, the seat is additionally fastened with a tensioning belt.Whether the tensioning belt has been attracted tightly enough has been solved with an easy to understand display.If the tensioning belt has the correct voltage, the display will show “green”, if not, “on red”.

Tensioning belt indicator

Diono offers security at a proud price

Children’s lives are always expensive in the lives of children and parents.The Radian 5 from Diono is not an exception here but finds itself to the disappointment of many families with safety at the upper end of the price range.

On closer examination, this universal child seat is worth its proud price, since it makes the purchase of additional seats unnecessary.The separate purchases of baby cups, toddler seats and children’s seats are in most cases even more expensive in the grand total.

This order of the different models is more favorable, however, if the too small model can be passed on to the next sibling child.For families with more than one child, the price is a factor that could be used against the Diono Universal child seat, even if it accommodates the space offer in the car positively.

Compact, convenient and practical

Compact collapsible

The universal child seat Radian 5 is visually not a special appearance.Neither the available color variants nor the design can compete with the models of the competition.The child seat has a long seat which contributes to comfort.

However, this is not adjustable in length.Baby, toddler and schoolchild must have a size here.Here other manufacturers already offer models, in which the size of the seat can be varied.Nevertheless the Radian of Diono is very comfortable.

The padding is padded with memory foam so that the children have a soft seat feeling.Also the head and neck pads are pleasantly firm and compliant at the same time.Here, small children’s heads also find the necessary, soft hold in their sleep.

As a further practical feature, the Radian Universal child seat has a cup holder.While some fresh-bred parents may dismiss this as unnecessary gimmick, experienced parents know the value of such a facility.

Parents do not have to submit the desired beverage every few minutes and can concentrate fully on the road – so Diono also ensures more safety on the road.If the drink holder squeezes some liquid on the seat, this is not a problem.The clean clothes can be removed and washed.

Flaps or not – why this question?

Diono uses the folding technology of the new child seat.The seat can be folded up so that the seat can be stored better.However, there is the question of how often this option is used in practice and what value should be offered by this variant in the long run.The flap functions quite simply, by red straps at the back are pressed and already the seat surface can be folded.

Our conclusion to the Radian 5 of Diono

This novelty from Diono is an enrichment for the current selection in the market for children’s seats.As a universal child seat, the Radian 5 impresses with the long service life and also ends the tiresome discussion of how long children can sit in reboarders at all.

For families with several children, this seat is the perfect solution for a tight back rest, and it is also a good choice in the car of grandparents as it saves the purchase of various car seats.

Buy the Radian 5 at Amazon:

  • SUITABLE FROM BIRTH TO 7 YEARS with infant cocoon, adjustable headrest, expandable sides and memory foam padding
  • EXTENDED REAR FACING.Radian 5 keeps children rear facing in the safest position up to 25kg
  • LONGER 5 POINT HARNESS USE.Radian 5 offers forward facing capacity from 9-25kg in a 5 point harness, 7kg more than standard seats
  • FULL STEEL FRAME.Super strong core to provide the best protection and space saving design meaning all 3 back seats can be used.
  • UNIQUE FOLDING DESIGN for easy transport and storage