Serpent RC Toys

Brand name: Serpent

Serpent RC Toys


Brand Facts:

Serpent Model Racing Cars is a leading brand and manufacturer in the world, providing a range of RC racing toys and accessories.

They focus on innovation, quality and ease of use, striving to create the world’s best racing cars and toys for customers in the world.

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Main Categories:

Gas cars, electric cars, general, tools, merchandising, hardware


Time and place: 1980, Netherlands

Original name: Berton BV

Early products: RC cars

Founder: Pieter Bervoets and Ron Ton

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Designer, driver& owner: Michael Salven


Headquarter Location:
Heemstede, North Holland, Netherlands

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Worldwide Locations:

Netherlands, worldwide


New Arrivals


Price Range:

RC toys: USD299-USD779


Official Website: