Seven DIY Completo The Nursery of Your Son, Fabulous Toys, Costumes or Accessories That You Are Going to Marvel

A few weeks ago already talked about in ten DIY’s to do with your child to create toys or decorate your bedroom, on that occasion it was an activity jointly with your son, that you rather colaborabas and he was the protagonist of the craft.

Today is just the opposite, I have prepared seven DIY completo for your son, fabulous toys, bedroom costumes or accessories that you will be amazed. However I now propose that you perform them only, but in some cases can help your small, however I would prefer it to be a surprise, you’re going to leave without words.

Indian tipi to hide

We just need to 6 sticks of 1.30 metres, that you can buy in any large DIY store, cut it there but you have the right tools at home, a piece of 1 x 2 meters, fabric scissors and rope.

First place three of the suits and tie them with a bit of rope. Then we put the three remaining suits and the fixed well with more rope. Then cut and sew the fabric as shown in the image pattern. And sew in ends a few clips which hold the bamboo. Now you can already ride.

For wall wreath to decorate the bedroom

The wreaths are a basic child decor, are everywhere, on a wall, at the head of the bed, the closet or a lamp, looks as there are ten basic ideas to keep in mind to decorate the perfect child bedroom.

Today I tell you how to make one, in this case if that can help your child, all you need is string or wool in the color you want, paper or cardboard with the color or pattern you want and tape.

Cut the cardboard into triangles, or in the format you want, whether they are circles, stars and squares or If you have a die you can use die to cut the figures, Once cut, place triangles mouth down and in row, in the event that the cardboard is face and back, and with zeal the engancharemos one by one with the chalk. Another option to seize the figure with the chalk is to use a stapler with staples of colors. It is now ready to decorate the walls of the bedroom for your child, easy, right?

A tail of dinosaur or dragon dress up

For the more adventurous children, I bring a DIY Super and imaginative, It’s either a tail of some perverse monster, Godzilla, a magical dragon that brings fire or an extinct dinosaur.

To do this you need a kit of sewing, yellow cotton fabric and red felt, and two strips of velcro and cushion filling. Folded yellow fabric and cut it with a triangle, as you see in the picture, with a length of 56 cm and 28 cm wide, are two elongated triangles, embastar them and sew one side.

To make the tail of the dragon peaks, cut the red triangle-shaped felt, seven cm from base by six of high and sew them on one side of the main piece of clothing yellow triangle, which is still without sewing, so they are looking up makes the peaks or follows in the footsteps of the image.

To make the belt used to grab the tail to the child’s waist you need four pieces of 30 cm long by eight cm wide and finally you need a circle of seven centimeters in diameter.

Pick up the four pieces and sewing them two by two, Once they are two pieces, sew the Velcro in these parts, each on one end at the same height so they can stick correctly. Sew each of these strips in the main parts in yellow triangles, each one right in the middle of the part that measures 28 cm.

And then uniremos the circle with the yellow main piece, that coseremos by the parties measuring 28 cm, always we sew inner side, once finished turn tail, and you can already close the piece, leaving a hole to fill, when finish fill the queue and closes the hole carefully so that sewing is not.

Add a phrase or Word funny on walls or door

This fun, decorative and inexpensive idea You can use it to put their names on the doors of their bedrooms or on the wall, you can write “Hi” or numbers, or any phrase that makes you laugh or dream, yourself.

First Choose a source, in this case, it’s the font MeMima, and writes the word “Hello” with size of 300 points and print it in a Din A3, you can set the size that you want more or less large, if you don’t have a printer or your printer is not so large you can take it to the copy shop.

Now you must of deform the wire following the course of the printed word, from time to time put your creation above the word to check that you do well, to finish the word. To end with a pencil surrounds the two ends of the wire around a pencil to create two circles, one at each end of the word.

And to finish take the wool, cord, or thread and knot at the end, add a little glue to all the word, do so by sections, to not get dirty and if not just what a Chuck and wound the wool around the wire to the end and returns to make a small knot at the end of the word. Now you can now decorate your wall, hang it by circles that we have done on the ends.

Cushion shaped Playhouse for bed

Although I would suggest you this form of house design, You can give the shape that you want, Sun, cloud, Moon, or have more patience for cat, Fox, or any other animal, in this link you will find lots of ideas: beautiful selection of cushions with fun shapes.

To do so you need draw the silhouette of a casita with pencil on top of the fabric on the back If you are given wrong draw download Internet image and prints the silhouette in a paper, short this way twice and sew the two parts following the silhouette of the House, with the backs of the fabric out, leaving a small opening.

Turn the piece and fill with cushion filling by opening that we have left, once full, we can already close with care so that the sewing is not. Easy and beautiful, and your child will love.

He painted the wall with a print of firs

Another Easy DIY conduct with a spectacular result is the to use stencils to decorate your child’s bedroom wall, in this case I suggest this FIR, although you can use any design for your template.

Either a star, heart, or cloud, you just draw it or download it from internet, print it and cut it out with a knife in an acetate template, do not use paper when you move the roller with paint, it is moistened and to the fourth or fifth last, you’ve been without template.

If you want to catch more ideas of prints, I suggest that you look at these two links, in them you will find a thousand and one ideas: Ten beautiful ideas of how to decorate the walls of a child’s bedroom and illustrations and graphic prints in black and white to decorate the bedroom for your baby.

To do so you will need an acetate, a cutter, painter’s tape, a pencil, a centimeter and painting the color that you want. Once made the template, think how you want to distribute the figures on the wall, pon marks with a pencil on the wall, to know where you should go by placing each time the template, to make it yourself as you want.

You put the template on the wall that is fastened with a bit of painter’s tape, uses a little paint to the water, and with a small roll soaked in paint but dry, not dripping, and for which the template does not filter below.

A bed of cardboard to play

To make this DIY need cardboard and scissors, You must cut the pieces of cardboard and make the grooves as shown in the figure, and finally assemble the bed fitting parts through the cracks.

You can decorate the bed with your child, with pencils, markers, papers of colors and white tail, washi tape, Aironfix, or anything that you pass through the head. Would not be more that do you a bed with patterned cloth and cushion filling.

This week I already proposed a beautiful selection of original toys for your child, in it you will find more ideas to make wonderful cardboard toys, that you can then decorate with your child.