Super U Publishes a Catalogue of Toys “Without Genre” and Stirs Controversy

By publishing a catalogue of “sexually correct” toys for the second consecutive year, the Distributor Super U has attracted the wrath of users on social networks. So, good initiative or absurd idea? You have to tell!

Girls who play in the garage or do-it-yourself, boys who play with doll… For the second year in a row, the Super U sign made war on the sexist toys by offering to its clients a priori devoid of stereotypes of genres toys catalog. An initiative that we would think priori consensual…

Catalogue of Toys: a Slingshot on Twitter Against Super U
It was not counting on the runaway of the Twitterverse. Following the publication of the catalogue said, some Twitter followers so insurgents in 144 characters on this gender equality imposed… Among the most controversial messages, relayed the point of view of spring 18 french, which suggests to call «the service consumer to #SuperU […]» “to denounce their Christmas catalogue progender “, or even the opinion of B of beard who calls for a “education and action at the service of the common good and against the harmful excesses of a hedonistic society”.

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A Large Majority of Consumers Remains Favourable to the Catalogues “Sexless”.
But, the initiative of the Super U sign also (and fortunately) followers. Elected officials to individuals, the returns are overall very positive similar to @jojo84_, who thanked Super U “to live in the 21st century” and to “deconstruct stereotypes harmful to our society and equal M/F”, reads the site of the weekly. So idea to focus on or avoid? You just vote!

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