The 29.3 Per Cent of The Children Asked to Ratatouille at Christmas

The merchandising the rat Remy and the other characters in the movie Ratatouille will be most in demand toys for children under eight years in the letter that the coming days sent the Magi.

Although the statement is not too objective, as it is the result of a survey conducted by Disney Store that sells toys from the films of the great Disney factory, at least indicates what is the preference of children.

We have already spoken of fever that the rat Cook has unleashed in children, causing many small British asked their parents having rats in the House as pets.

Continuing with the preferences in toys, a 26.8 per cent of girls choose by small witches of W.I.T.C.H, while children in a larger percentage, 43.4 percent, prefer Lightning McQueen from the film Cars.

As a second character, agreed to choose an all-time classic, Mickey Mouse, demonstrating that the mouse knows to recycle very well over the years, and on the other hand that the rodents seem to be a successful resource as a child character.

The same survey shows that gifts outweigh the Christmas spirit, something about what should reflect, although on the other hand, it is natural for young children. What they like most children of Christmas are gifts, while a 10 points difference, have said that they most enjoyed at this time is with the opportunity to spend more time with their families.

Other noteworthy information that can help you opt for one or another toy when it comes to buying Christmas gifts is that apparently the six years marked a shift in the preferences of the games. While the elderly prefer mostly video games, children under 5 years is decanted for traditional toys.