The 8 Most Beautiful Viewing Platforms in Austria

There are several phenomenal viewpoints in Austria that are definitely worth a visit – provided you have a head for heights. I’ll show you 8 view points that are not for the faint of heart!

There are dizzying viewpoints not only in big cities like Dubai or New York – in Austria you will also find a few breathtaking viewpoints with phenomenal views. If you long for a little thrill, you should pay a visit to the following places – I’ll show you the 8 most beautiful viewing platforms in Austria ! These panoramic views simply leave you speechless …

Summit World 3000, Salzburg

At an altitude of over 3000 meters you will find Salzburg’s most exciting sight: the “Top of Salzburg” viewing platform. This offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Kitzsteinhorn and the Großglockner – thanks to the cable car, the platform is easily accessible for everyone. So you don’t necessarily have to get on your skis to enjoy this great view.

Dachstein Sky Walk, Upper Austria

According to securitypology, one of the most spectacular viewing platforms in Austria is the Dachstein Sky Walk. This balcony-like platform is located at 2,700 meters above sea level and allows an ingenious panoramic view of the impressive mountain landscape. Not far from the Sky Walk, on the Dachstein south face, you will also find the famous Dachstein suspension bridge. If that’s not exciting enough for you, you can still venture onto the “stairs into nowhere” at the end of the bridge – here you really have the feeling of floating in the air!

TOP Mountain Star, Ötztal

At the summit of the Wurmkogl in the beautiful Ötztal you will find the extravagant TOP Mountain Star viewing platform. Here you can enjoy the fantastic view over a few drinks in the panorama bar – a real highlight! By the way, the location can also be rented for private parties – so if you want to celebrate an extraordinary birthday or another special occasion, you’ve come to the right place!

Pyramidenkogel, Carinthia

At 70 meters, the Pyramdenkogel in Carinthia is the world’s highest wooden observation tower. On a total of three platforms you can enjoy the great view of Lake Wörthersee and the surrounding natural landscape – especially brave people can even jump down from a height of 52 meters. If that’s too hard for you, you can also take the “Fly 100” cable car, which is also a thrill.

5 Fingers, Salzkammergut

In the middle of the Salzkammergut you will find the 5 Fingers viewing platform, which entices with truly spectacular views. As the name suggests, the platform consists of five differently designed bridges that look like fingers. From here you can admire the beautiful Hallstätter See from a bird’s eye view and take unique souvenir photos.

Glocknerblick, Bad Gastein

The Glocknerblick platform in Bad Gastein offers the best view of the Großglockner. On the summit of the Stubnerkogel you can let your gaze wander into the distance and marvel at the great mountain scenery of Austria. Directly opposite the viewing platform you will find a 140 long suspension bridge that likes to swing in the wind – a real highlight for adrenaline junkies!

Coral on the Steinplatte, Tyrol

There are also some great viewing platforms in Tyrol that are worth a visit. One of them is the “coral” on the Steinplatte near St. Johann. The construction is not for the faint of heart, because it consists partly only of glass – it takes a lot of effort to climb onto this floor! Even the brave among you might quarrel with yourself for a moment.

Top of Tyrol, Tyrol

On the Stubai Glacier in Tyrol you will find the ingenious viewing platform “Top of Tyrol”, which can be easily reached with the Schaufeljochbahn. Here you can marvel at more than 100 three-thousand-meter peaks in the Alps and breathe fresh mountain air. But not only the view is a highlight, the architecture of the platform is also impressive. The construct protrudes 9 meters over the edge of a rock and is a magnificent sight!

The 8 most beautiful viewing platforms in Austria