They Recall More Than One Hundred Toys Due to Risk of Poisoning, Suffocation and Other Injuries

A few days ago we commented that pregnant women should be careful with some sex toys because they contained phthalates, that could affect the fetus. Now the warning comes in the presence of this chemical component in some toys, as well as other risks.

Between January and October this year, the National Institute of consumption and the consumption of each autonomous community authorities have been monitoring hundreds of toys to remove, immobilize, or preventing the import of those who pose a risk to the health of children.

Most of the affected toys contain high concentrations of phthalates (sixty-eight toys), others represent risk of suffocation and strangulation.

Analyzed baby seats, for example, do not have sufficient strength and sink easily. We all know that they are intended for the dolls, but it is not uncommon to see a child trying to sit in one (and get it) and the last thing that should happen is that the structure done not its weight. In addition, many strollers have small parts that could come off and pose choking hazard.

We have also analyzed soothers that come with the dolls and seen that many have been too long strings, that you have risk of strangulation for children.

All the toys have been included in the network of warning of dangerous non-food products, coordinated by the INC, which depends on the Ministry of health, Social policy and equality.

This means that all the autonomous communities have order to withdraw these products. Anyway, if users as we saw some of the affected toys, FACUA, the consumer organization, requests that we can contact them through his web of complaint, so that it can be withdrawn from the market.

You can find out what hazardous toys looking on the website of the INC, marking on the search engine “Toys”. If you want to know more specifically what toys we’re talking about, you can see a listing on the web of FACUA.

Finally, manufacturers who put little affection in which manufactured there are many, precisely because they seek to make an economic toy that will easily. However, this should not pose a risk to the health of children. Lucky we have agencies ensuring that toys, poorly resolved not never reach hands of our children.