They Removed a Million Seats Bumbo in United States

It seems that the withdrawal of toys is fashionable, but it is one thing to remove from the market toys which contain substances hazardous to the health of the child and the other to withdraw a product because it is misused by parents, as it is the case of Bumbo.

To me this seat have always found me very handy, especially for the stage that babies still don’t know sit by themselves thus is very beneficial for the development of your spine. Not only liked me, but two millions of parents around the world who bought it, half only in the United States.

But yesterday the product safety Commission to the consumer in that country announced the withdrawal in collaboration with the manufacturer of one million seats Easy Bumbo Seats to 28 reports of accidents caused by falls from elevated surfaces with consequences of hits babies, some quite serious.

The Bumbo seat warns in your manual that should only be placed on ground, because it has no seat belt and obviously if we sit the baby in the seat on an elevated surface such as a table, a sofa or a bed is likely the baby to move and falls.

Literally says (in English): “was designed to be used at ground level only. “Never leave your baby unattended, this seat is not designed to restrict movements and therefore your baby can escape in the event of a strong movement”.

Anyway, on the ground it is not advisable to leave the baby unattended-only, must always be supervised by an adult.

In Spain also has been sold, so if you have one at home follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid accidents. The product itself is not dangerous, but if misuse of it as it is the case with so many other items we put at risk the baby.