Toy Ads on The TV Can Cause Frustration

At this time, what more television time dealing in children’s programming schedules are the advertising of toys for children.

The doll that speaks, the robot that walks, Teddy bear telling tales, Magic coach and a world of fantasy that attracts like a magnet to kids with seductive advertising promises.

According to experts, unrealistic promises that can cause frustration in children to see that that wonderful car that looked great on TV, it is actually a simple ordinary car. Or that that doll that looked like a human being is one doll, more.

An Audiovisual Council of Andalusia (CAA) report on child toys advertising stresses that “26,2% of the analysed advertisements is any non-compliance related to the misleading presentation of the characteristics of toys, which leads to confusion and can lead to the final frustration of children”.

He says that ads offer an unrealistic view of reality and that they exploit the naivety and gullibility of children with fictional images that do not conform to reality.

Parents can do is to limit to the maximum, to the extent possible, the hours that our children spend in front of the TV to avoid the harassment of these days own ads.

In addition to accompany them to see toys and teach them really as they are compared with what sells TV.

Either become disillusioned when you buy a product that does not correspond with the idea that we had it. Children, more.