Toy: the Playmobil Bank Robber Made Scandal

A box Playmobil representing a robber of banks quite a scandal in the United Kingdom. Anti-gun activists accuse the toy of inciting children to violence.

¬ę¬†Attention! The Bank Robber demands all the money in the Bank and the keys to the safe. What will do the banker? ‘ This is the description that can be read on the back of the package of the toy Playmobil. At the front, a blonde figurine, the face hidden by dark glasses , his gun on the banker. In his bag, a crowbar to overcome the ATM. Cabinet manufactured by Playmobil, and marketed by Toy’s R us bank robber causes a scandal in the United Kingdom, where the toy is accused of encouraging children to whom it is intended – from 4 to 10 years – the violence.