Toys For Cats:Tips, Prices

Toys are essential for cats because as they feel attracted to things that move, they can often end up stirring at what they should not, which can result in some bruising.In general, kittens usually sleep a lot, and toys make them not so lazy and do a little more physical and mental exercise, and are a way for the owner to get a little closer to his pet.

Get to know some cat toys and their prices.


The Wacky Ball is a ball made of plastic that has an internal mechanism that produces some erratic movements when triggered, which stimulates the hunting instinct of the kittens and causing them to have a lot of fun after the unruly ball.The toy uses two batteries in size AA to work and costs on average $ 40.00.


One of the toys most loved by cats are the small ones that simulate hunting and for this came the Mouse Batters, a small mouse-shaped toy ideal for animals that have fun chasing and carrying small objects from one corner to another, simulating a kind of hunting with the toy.The toy costs around $ 30.00.


One of the most indicated toys not only for cats, but also for dogs are polka dots, especially those that make some kind of noise, like a whistle or a rattle. This type of toy stimulates the cat to exercise, play and run everywhere, in addition to making him more alert and cunning. With this toy your kitten is sure to be very happy and have a lot of fun. The ball with a spindle costs on average R $ 7,00 and can be found in several places.


The Turtle Crackler is a toy that reminds us of a pillow. It has a filler that, when the particles come in contact with each other, ends up making a noise that attracts the cats and catches their attention, especially of the little animals that like to play with paper bags and bags.The toy costs on average $ 14.00 and can also be found in the form of a cute bunny.

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