Toys of The Decade of The 80 Sometidos a Vote

The 80’s marked a generation, was a fantastic and full time many of us have lived with passion. In fact there is a video that shows some of the things that we live, we are talking about a very significant Coca Cola advertisement video perfectly.

But we don’t want to talk about our youth at that time, but toys that scarred childhood then, The games gathered Geyper, the famous doll Nancy or Clicks de Famobil were toys that raised passions among the smallest, were toys that encouraged the sociability and collaborating to develop fantasy and imagination.
Many of these toys are exposed in the publication 20 minutes so the readers vote which most liked or marked to those who lived his childhood in the early 80’s. Not only are mentioned toys, others many referred to, perhaps did not have the fame they deserved but were equally fun.

You like to remember the moments spent with toys that marked your childhood with your son?